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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
125300 openQA Project Support creating demo videos with pauses and mouse moving New QA - future 2023-03-24 Related to #122908
125990 openQA Project Allow client-side validation of YAML files posted via `openqa-cli` New QA - future Related to #92311
126062 openQA Project Implement gradual mouse motions as an option New QA - future
126065 openQA Project Provide an easy way to slow down test interaction around needle matches New QA - future
126935 openQA Project Promote /experimental/jobs/.../status as non-experimental API New QA - future
126938 openQA Project [spike] Simple load-balancing proxy for select API routes New QA - future
127016 openQA Project Duplicate auto_review comments New QA - future
127040 openQA Project [epic] Scale out: Easier and automated disaster recovery deployments of openQA New QA - future Copied from #98472
127238 openQA Project It's not possible to remove own force_result comments, and they are carried over New QA - future
127280 openQA Project Force_result comment cannot be added on a cancelled child job New QA - future Related to #101716
127538 openQA Project Provide version less container paths as default for openQA containers New QA - future
127568 openQA Project Openqa log can not show detail syntax error New QA - future
127739 openQA Project ASSET_1 gets outdated value when using openqa-clone-custom-git-refspec New QA - future
127868 openQA Project [qaaas] openQA test results should be archived and not tampered size:M New QA - future
127910 openQA Project [epic] openQA in SLE modules New QA - future Copied from #127028
128156 openQA Project [epic] Support filtering/grouping/searching of settings by domain New QA - future
128318 openQA Project [spike][timeboxed:20h] Current openQA+os-autoinst+dependencies in pure SLE size:M New QA - future Copied to #128651
128423 openQA Project [gsoc] Container-based backend for openQA New QA - future Copied to #128426
128426 openQA Project [epic] openQA test harness to execute playwright tests New QA - future Copied from #128423
128936 openQA Project API endpoint /api/v1/jobs/:jobid/set_done can be very slow New QA - future Related to #128345
129172 openQA Project PXEBOOT doesnt set bootindex on aarch64 New QA - future
129307 openQA Project Prominently present the presence of failed minion jobs to openQA admins New QA - future
129340 openQA Project openqa cannot start jobs with symlinked assets New QA - future
129406 openQA Project Add dry-run for space aware cleanup New QA - future Copied to #129409
129409 openQA Project space aware cleanup: Configuration switch to enable/disable cleanup of important results New QA - future Copied from #129406
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