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106999 os-autoinst: Document the use of custom openQA backend commands to test os-autoinst changes on production workers size:M openQA Project Low Feature requests
106898 Protection against asset clobbering openQA Project Low Feature requests
106867 os-autoinst: local svirt testing instructions size:M openQA Project Low Feature requests
91605 notifications about failed and unreviewed jobs - but using Slack (was: Rocket.Chat) size:M openQA Project Low Feature requests
66071 TEST is overridden in parent job when doing `openqa-clone-custom-git-refspec` openQA Project Low Feature requests
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108953 [tools] Performance issues in some s390 workers openQA Tests Normal Infrastructure
  Organisational 5 Collapse all/Expand all
109864 Conduct Five Whys for "All Jobs on OSD are incomplete since 2022-04-12" size:M openQA Project Normal Organisational
109551 [retro] The extension on-demand overlaps with two calls (three counting the virtual coffee break) openQA Project Normal Organisational
109376 [retro] Due date reminders seem more important than resolving tickets openQA Project Normal Organisational
107881 [retro] Conduct a zombie scrum team survey openQA Project Normal Organisational
106996 os-autoinst: describe how to take out a production worker instance for testing backend changes size:M openQA Project Low Organisational
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110881 Investigation jobs run because of the lack of automatic takeover size:S openQA Project High Support
108824 Some of the daily aggregate tests are cancelled without a reason size:M openQA Project High Support
111290 Troubles upgrading os-autoinst on my SLE15-SP3 workstation openQA Project Normal Support
105040 [tools][sle][s390x] handle select_console 'root-console' failure if root ssh is not permitted in system with Common Criteria role openQA Project Normal Support
108281 test fails in svirt_upload_assets - can not upload qcow, error "File is too big" openQA Project Low Support
108007 Ensure jobs are re-run with any prerequisite modules openQA Project Low Support
107470 [openqa][ipmi][worker][sut][needle matching] 'sshd-server-started' needle matching has been continuously failing on some workers/SUTs size:M openQA Project Low Support
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