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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
119935 openSUSE admin 15.4/appliances causes high traffic to mirrors New opensuse-admin-obs
119929 openQA Tests [qe-core][leap-on-osd] use pre-installed systems with updates New Copied from #119923
119833 openQA Tests [desktop] libreoffice_default_theme: we are too quick in cycling through New
119806 openQA Tests [qe-sap][Azure][maintenance] test fails in 1_saptune_notes: sysstat & UserTasksMax are not as expected New llzhao
119770 openQA Project Show test progress/status during initialization in web UI New QA - future
119755 openQA Infrastructure Use a PowerVM machine to serve both PowerVM LPARs for testing as well as one VM running qemu tests New QA - future Copied from #119059
119749 openQA Tests [qac][qe-core][network][wicked] No wicked tests for SLE15SP5? New
119746 openQA Project [spike][timeboxed:20h] Filter openQA todo-jobs on /tests belonging to one "review squad" New QA - future Related to #117655
119719 QE-Workstation [Regression][Firefox] Firefox: Printing New GraceWang QE-Workstation - 15sp5 Related to #120324
119662 qe-yam openldap_to_389ds module failed because of dependency issue New Related to #61780
119605 openQA Tests [qe-sap] test fails in iscsi_client New
119596 openQA Tests [sle15sp5][desktop] test fails in ibus_installation New
119590 openQA Tests [sle15sp5][desktop] test fails in firefox_downloading New
119563 openQA Project [darkmode] Update obs_rsync New QA - future Related to #119032
119515 qe-yam openQA sending key failed New Related to #119329
119494 openQA Tests [y][sporadic] test fails in yast2_nfs_server in 5 out of 25 cases to ping New
119455 qe-yam [y][ppc64le] test fails in yast2_dns_server as "do not start on boot" is not selected in pull down menu New
119425 openQA Project Support multi-machine testing with NetworkManager New QA - future
119419 qe-yam displaymanager-password-prompt can't been catched in first_boot New
119377 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in ansible New
119374 openQA Project [darkmode] Various tables have broken borders New QA - future Related to #119032
119371 openQA Project [darkmode] Search results are bright white New QA - future Related to #119032
119356 openQA Project login was again redirecting to wrong page due to our javascript code conducting DoS attacks New QA - future
119338 QA [epic] SLO Automation for openqatests SLOs New QA - future
119329 qe-yam grub_test_snapshot hangs on grub menu New Related to #119515
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