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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
17424 Staging project workflow Delete requests can wrongly end up in adi stagings New
10800 openSUSE Release Process work towards reproducible builds New
10802 openSUSE Release Process [ruby, python] visualize build-compare results New
10808 openSUSE Release Process [python, perl, ruby] rewrite update_release_notes script in sane language New
10882 openSUSE Release Process [python] develop batch bug filing script New
20652 openQA Tests [opensuse]test mp3 playback New
10886 openSUSE Release Process [python, packaging] package factory-news-web properly New
10930 openSUSE Release Process create mailinglist for factory bot accounts New
11032 openSUSE Release Process keep old update repo versions New
11080 openSUSE Release Process [perl] collect delta rpms during product build New
28555 qe-yam Create installation workflow which covers steps backward and changing system role New QA - future
30595 openQA Infrastructure [ppc64le] Deploy bcache on tmpfs workers New QA - future Related to #30388, Related to #38780, Related to #64746, Related to #106841, Has duplicate #30249
31915 qe-yam Create ay integration test for given profile which has identified bug bsc#1037727 New QA - future
11086 openSUSE Release Process keep previous released snapshot in OBS New
11268 Staging project workflow findfileconflicts: needs to learn about various archs of packages New
11270 openSUSE Release Process [idea] package database New
32149 qe-yam Create ay using customer profile to track regression from bsc#954908 New QA - future
32152 qe-yam [autoyast] verify that filesystem is assigned when <filesystem> tag is not defined New QA - future
33556 qe-yam [ipmi]New test scenario: textmode+kvm_server_role@ipmi New QA - future Related to #32089, Blocked by #25510, Copied to #34219
11338 openSUSE Release Process gnome-packagekit.pot -> upstream New
11342 openSUSE Release Process pam_krb5.pot -> upstream New
11344 openSUSE Release Process gfxboot New
33859 openQA Tests [qe-core][sles][functional][saga][s390x] Review s390x Bugs found by IBM and see what can be implemented in the future New SUSE QA - Milestone 32 Related to #11922
36090 qe-yam Save snapshots by name New QA - future Blocked by #49247
37303 openQA Project better ttm comment in openqa New QA - future Related to #27735
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