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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
126941 openQA Infrastructure [spike] Evaluate a move of the osd database to its own VM New QA - future
93138 openQA Infrastructure openqa-reload-worker-auto-restart and openqa-worker-auto-restart fail if numofworkers is reduced New QA - future Related to #62441
94495 openQA Infrastructure Migrate to InfluxDB 2 New QA - future
96683 openQA Infrastructure Reducing the number of worker slots leads to failing systemd units New QA - future
97409 openQA Infrastructure Re-use existing filesystems on workers after reboot if possible to prevent full worker asset cache re-syncing New QA - future Copied from #96554
97412 openQA Infrastructure Reduce I/O load on OSD by using more cache size on workers with using free disk space when available instead of hardcoded space New QA - future Copied from #96554
97640 openQA Infrastructure have a secondary backup openQA webUI instance in another location than OSD, e.g. PRG New QA - future Copied from #97415
98661 openQA Infrastructure Tweak worker numbers for openqaworker-arm-4 and arm-5 New QA - future Related to #90275
98835 openQA Infrastructure arm jobs failing (again?) with auto_review:"backend died: Open vSwitch command 'set_vlan' with arguments .*was not provided by any .service files":retry New QA - future Related to #75274, Related to #88807
100976 openQA Infrastructure specific alert about the size of our database, maybe even database tables? New QA - future Copied from #100859, Copied to #100979
100979 openQA Infrastructure configure better auto-vacuum for our database(s) New QA - future Copied from #100976
100985 openQA Infrastructure Come up with a way to regularly check job group configs for outliers and misconfiguration, e.g. overly long result retention periods New QA - future Copied from #100859, Copied to #100988
37644 openQA Infrastructure [tools] osd SSL certificate is only valid for, not for Workable QA - future Copied to #58676
44612 openQA Infrastructure Do we want to update or decommision it? Workable QA - future
94783 openQA Infrastructure Bring openqaworker11 into production including multi-machine test support (same as w12) size:M Workable QA - future Copied from #94765
103380 openQA Infrastructure Configure retention/downsampling policy for specific monitoring data stored within InfluxDB New QA - future Related to #94492
105013 openQA Infrastructure backup o3 worker config files New QA - future
106756 openQA Infrastructure cmd returned 32768 repeatedly reported on o3 New QA - future Copied from #105828, Copied to #107023
106766 openQA Infrastructure DBI Exception: DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: invalid input syntax for type integer reported on o3 New QA - future
106841 openQA Infrastructure Try using tmpfs on openqaworker1 to use RAM more efficiently New QA - future Related to #30595
108266 openQA Infrastructure grenache: script_run() commands randomly time out since server room move New QA - future Related to #107437, Related to #108503, Related to #108845, Related to #108953, Related to #109620, Copied to #108323
108974 openQA Infrastructure Loan Fujitsu server for OpenQA FIPS testing needs New QA - future
110467 openQA Infrastructure Establish reliable tap setup on ow14 New QA - future Related to #104970
113800 openQA Infrastructure Setup o3 to run rootless containers on worker hosts New QA - future Copied from #109737
114866 openQA Infrastructure Handle a trailing slash in NEEDLES_DIR correctly New QA - future Has duplicate #115283
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