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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
117034 openQA Tests [desktop] usr_sbin_smbd: nautilus UI changes makes test fail New
115133 openQA Tests [desktop] windows_client_remotelogin: Windows desktop does not appear New
116824 openQA Tests [desktop] xfce - incorrect password New
107371 openQA Tests [desktop][qe-core] Leap 15.4 test fails in xterm - the expected string is not typed into xterm as the windows is not focused New Is duplicate of #109924
113435 openQA Tests [desktop][qe-core][sporadic] test fails in firefox_downloading due to empty download list expected but not empty auto_review:"(?s)found firefox-downloading-menu.*no candidate needle with tag.*firefox-downloading-blank_list.*matched":retry New Related to #111207, Related to #110662, Related to #110569, Related to #101112, Related to #97907, Related to #88048, Related to #68929, Related to #62264
101752 openQA Tests [desktop][qe-core]updates_packagekit_gpk needs stability improvement New
121477 openQA Tests [desktop][sle15sp5] dhclient is not installed by default; test fails in onetime_vncsession_xvnc_tigervnc New zcjia
121297 openQA Tests [desktop][sle15sp5] vncviewer-1.12 changes shortcut key; test fails in onetime_vncsession_xvnc_tigervnc New zcjia
87734 openQA Tests [desktop][sporadic] test fails in libreoffice_default_theme New GraceWang
120010 openQA Tests [desktop][sporadic] test fails in multi_users_dm in XFCE New
63397 openQA Tests [desktop][sporadic] test fails in nautilus_open_ftp, ftp authentication dialog does not show up, auto_review:"match=nautilus-ftp-login timed out":retry New GraceWang Related to #61707
60050 openQA Tests [desktop][sporadically] test fails in evolution_meeting_imap and other test modules, potential changed behaviour due to recent "os-autoinst" change New GraceWang Related to #59882
56624 openQA Tests [desktop][tw] Implement remote desktop cases on Tumbleweed for xvnc/tigervnc. New GraceWang
57080 openQA Tests [desktop][tw] new testcase for flatpak integration in gnome/firefox New
45527 openQA Tests [desktop][tw] pasted files not always highlighted in openqa New
96791 openQA Tests [desktop][tw] test fails in xrdp_client; random failure caused by slow popup New zcjia
34417 openQA Tests [desktop][yast] Run y2gui tests on Wayland New
104677 openQA Tests [desktop]Leap 15.4 - executing Konsole instead of xterm New
104643 openQA Tests [desktop]Leap 15.4 pkcon refresh failed - test fails in prepare_system_for_update_tests New
105355 openQA Tests [desktop]Use NetworkManager as default in Tumbleweed New
19222 openQA Project [discussion] Improve automatic carryover to be more strict - when bugs relate to individual steps within test details New QA - future
108001 openQA Project [doc][ux][ui] Make it more obvious what "important jobs" are and how one can make jobs important (was: Important tags don't seem to have any effect) New QA - future Copied to #108004
65837 openQA Project [easy] rpmlint warnings to fix New QA - future
98628 openQA Project [easy][beginner] $cmd_srv_port exceed 65535 New QA - future
97037 openQA Project [easy][beginner] Add User-Agent header to openqa-cli New QA - future
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