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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
2580 Staging project workflow Update New
2626 Staging project workflow obs_factory: factory-tested dashboard New
2634 Staging project workflow obs_factory: bug with rack-mini-profiler and engines New
2822 Staging project workflow Add a comment in the staging prj if openQA fails New
2824 Staging project workflow comment in staging prj if repo checker has a problem New
2894 Staging project workflow Change cached condition New
2942 Staging project workflow accept staging links new deps New Staging project workflow - Future
3016 Staging project workflow Invalidate builddepinfo for the cycle detector New
3112 Staging project workflow don't send change_devel to staging New
3420 openSUSE Release Process update New
5552 openSUSE Conference 2015 A/V New
8084 openQA Project show source of imported modules New QA - future Related to #10192
8266 Staging project workflow gettext-runtime seen as ring1 package but affects ring0 New
8838 Staging project workflow branches can block adi New
8540 openQA Project Easier workflow to submit needles for casual contributors New QA - future Related to #10144
9474 qe-yam Test accessibility New QA - future
9710 openSUSE Release Process [python] implement package drop list manager New
9966 openQA Project Be more robust about spurious errors New QA - future Related to #13242
10316 openQA Project [epic] Better command line options extending "client" New QA - future Related to #16188, Related to #30274, Related to #30730, Related to #14580, Has duplicate #23844, Has duplicate #28021
10352 openSUSE Release Process delta rpm support for Tumbleweed New
10704 openQA Project Make warnings in tests fatal New QA - future Related to #78240, Copied to #108503
10734 openSUSE Release Process document how totest manager works New
15284 Provo Enable WYSIWYG Editor through MediaWiki New
16180 openQA Project Better log viewer New QA - future Related to #68146, Blocked by #16166, Precedes #16184
17424 Staging project workflow Delete requests can wrongly end up in adi stagings New
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