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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
13812 openQA Project [epic][dashboard] openQA Dashboard ideas New QA - future Related to #10148, Related to #10188, Related to #13712, Related to #13714, Related to #39719
13914 openQA Tests [qe-core][functional][ipmi] wait_serial does not get expected output because ipmi console connection is closed New QA - future Related to #18144, Related to #23404, Related to #44843, Blocked by #34699
13950 openQA Project [epic][gsoc] Needle ENV tag assistant New QA - future Related to #34549, Copied from #13196
14038 openSUSE Release Process [perl] repo-checker must ensure two packages can't produce the same output New
14320 openQA Project query status of bugs referenced as soft fails (asynchronously) New QA - future Follows #14310
14324 openQA Project Show details of soft failures on tests overview page, e.g. buglinks New QA - future
14626 openQA Project [epic] backend and console capabilities interface to increase extensibility and code reuse New QA - future Related to #14582, Related to #38486, Related to #57329, Related to #107989
14788 openQA Tests [opensuse][sle] Add "mount by label" scenario for partitioner New
15176 openQA Project Reload /tests/overview with configurable timeout or based on events New QA - future
15284 Provo Enable WYSIWYG Editor through MediaWiki New
15436 openSUSE Release Process AppStream metadata for OBS projects New
15600 openSUSE Release Process make the Factory development process more transparent New
15802 openSUSE Release Process update Factory workflow New 2017-02-28
16122 openQA Tests [qe-core][functional][epic] Idea: a test / API that verifies that package X does not pull in (direct or indirect) package Y New SUSE QA - Milestone 31 Related to #67456
16180 openQA Project Better log viewer New QA - future Related to #68146, Blocked by #16166, Precedes #16184
16274 openQA Project email notifications about new review comments available New QA - future Related to #91605, Copied from #10672
16534 openQA Project more fun reviewing tests and therefore improving the quality of the tested products with gamification New QA - future
17252 openQA Project notifications to maintainer on failed modules New QA - future Related to #91467, Related to #91605, Copied from #16276
17422 Staging project workflow Staging accept fails on delete requests of pkg with > 1 spec file New
17424 Staging project workflow Delete requests can wrongly end up in adi stagings New
17680 qe-yam Use sut-like select_console in remote_vnc_target_nfs and remote_ssh_target_ftp New QA - future
17698 openSUSE Release Process multibuild support in the Factory development model New Related to #17700
17700 openSUSE Release Process forbidden multibuild package to Factory till implemented and no issues New Related to #17698
17734 openQA Project "autoneedler" mode New QA - future
18092 openQA Tests [opensuse] test fail because of unexpected update notifications New
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