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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
33070 qe-yam [bsc#1082535] add test to verify YaST dev packages in Dev Tools module New QA - future
20450 openQA Tests [Build0473] Test died: 'zypper -n in hwloc hwloc-testsuite' failed test fails in hwloc_testsuite New
20294 openSUSE Release Process [c++,qt] image downloader and writer New
127400 openSUSE admin [ [ftpsync-opensuse-ftp@ftp] ERROR: rsync errors] Workable andriinikitin
108494 openSUSE admin [ [ftpsync-opensuse-ftp@ftp] ERROR: rsync errors] In Progress pjessen
127118 openQA Tests [cloud-qa] Leap Micro 5.4 unpartitioned 1MB is expected New
126752 openQA Tests [cloud-qa] LeapMicro 5.3 - test fails in remote_target New
126755 openQA Tests [cloud-qa] LeapMicro 5.3 test fails in zypper_ref New
67366 Jump 15.2 [containers] test fails in docker_runc "Error exporting container" for ppc64le Leap15.2 New
111093 openQA Tests [containers][sporadic][s389x] test fails in boot_to_desktop with auto_review:"The SSH Port in the SUT could not be reached within 1 minute":retry New
119371 openQA Project [darkmode] Search results are bright white New QA - future Related to #119032
119563 openQA Project [darkmode] Update obs_rsync New QA - future Related to #119032
119374 openQA Project [darkmode] Various tables have broken borders New QA - future Related to #119032
18000 openQA Project [dashboard] Better integration of status from external jobs and testing systems Workable QA - future Related to #42890
129118 QA [dashboard] SLEM results does not point to valid url New QA - future
111824 openQA Tests [desktop] [sporadic] test fails in login_test New
105527 openQA Tests [desktop] Add test for widevine DRM New
130042 openQA Tests [desktop] autoyast_rules_and_classes: test expects kde - but has always been gnome (and newly fails) New
34234 openQA Tests [desktop] gdm_session_switch on openSUSE is only scheduled for openSUSE Leap 42.2 which is not tested anymore New yfjiang
126635 openQA Tests [desktop] gnome 44 - gnote does not close with 'ctrl-w' In Progress GraceWang
121276 openQA Tests [desktop] gnome_default_applications: outdated list of application names matching New
107392 openQA Tests [desktop] KDE Leap 15.5 failed to obtain authentication in upgrade tests from 15.2 15:3 New favogt
108013 openQA Tests [desktop] Leap 15.4 - test fails in hexchat seems like we're not sending disconnect New
107539 openQA Tests [desktop] Leap 15.4 - updates installed was not matched, instead of needle waits for updates installing (worfklow change)? New
108353 openQA Tests [desktop] Leap 15.4 Kontact - re-needling needed, unexpected needles after closing of application (tty expected, got empty desktop) New
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