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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
97862 openQA Infrastructure More openQA worker hardware for OSD size:M Blocked okurz QA - future Copied from #97043, Copied to #104970
116078 openQA Infrastructure Recover o3 worker power8, restore IPMI access size:M Blocked okurz QA - future Related to #115094
51836 openQA Infrastructure Manage (parts) of s390p7 and s390p8 with salt Blocked mgriessmeier QA - future Related to #51833, Related to #109969
19190 openQA Infrastructure make use of ix64ph1014, e.g. for proxymode Feedback mgriessmeier QA - future 2021-12-01
93119 openQA Infrastructure [s390x] Update of s390x Test infrastructure after shutdown of Mainframe zEC12 Feedback mgriessmeier QA - future Related to #94465
73297 openQA Infrastructure auto_review:"(?s)Running on openqa-aarch64:.*considering VNC stalled.*THERE IS NOTHING TO READ" In Progress ggardet_arm QA - future Related to #72079
64541 openQA Infrastructure Issues with DNS resolving in QEMU Blocked favogt QA - future
125744 openQA Infrastructure [tools][alert][FIRING:1] (Failed systemd services alert (except QDG8aXAVz) due to unable to reach New dheidler QA - future
108872 openQA Infrastructure Outdated information on openqaw5-xen New cachen QA - future Copied from #108845
78314 openQA Infrastructure Order 2 VMs for the LinuxONE Community Cloud New AdaLovelace QA - future
30595 openQA Infrastructure [ppc64le] Deploy bcache on tmpfs workers New QA - future Related to #30388, Related to #38780, Related to #64746, Related to #106841, Has duplicate #30249
40196 openQA Infrastructure [monitoring] monitor internal port 9526, port 80, external port 443 accessibility of o3 and response times New QA - future Related to #39743
42467 openQA Infrastructure fails to write comments in OBS project, monitor-openqa_job expects package name for OBS api, not project New QA - future
44183 openQA Infrastructure Add checks on transactional-update workers using "health-checker" New QA - future
55316 openQA Infrastructure monitoring alerts for too long running database queries New QA - future Copied from #55313
60962 openQA Infrastructure Enable multi-machine capability for all configured workers New QA - future Related to #63853
64803 openQA Infrastructure harmonize IPMI username and password auto_review:"(sonic|tails) .*Unable to establish IPMI" New QA - future
65178 openQA Infrastructure Drop config from salt for osd and o3 New QA - future Related to #60023
68633 openQA Infrastructure alert if there is no worker active for any existant machine class New QA - future
77848 openQA Infrastructure No more workarounds in OSD due to inefficient video encoder New QA - future Copied from #77845
81198 openQA Infrastructure [tracker-ticket] openqaworker-arm-{1..3} have network problems (cacheservice, OSD reachability). IPv6 disabled for now New QA - future Related to #81026
81274 openQA Infrastructure consider disabling emergency mode on our machines New QA - future
91626 openQA Infrastructure Deployment emails should cover rollback New QA - future
97859 openQA Infrastructure Improve network for OSD New QA - future Copied from #97043
99138 openQA Infrastructure Provide ratio of tests by result in monitoring - by job group New QA - future Copied from #99135, Copied to #99141
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