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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
37644 openQA Infrastructure [tools] osd SSL certificate is only valid for, not for Workable QA - future Copied to #58676
38516 openQA Infrastructure [tools] Disable memory autoballooning on openqaw5-xen Workable QA - future 2018-11-06
40196 openQA Infrastructure [monitoring] monitor internal port 9526, port 80, external port 443 accessibility of o3 and response times New QA - future Related to #39743
42467 openQA Infrastructure fails to write comments in OBS project, monitor-openqa_job expects package name for OBS api, not project New QA - future
44183 openQA Infrastructure Add checks on transactional-update workers using "health-checker" New QA - future
44612 openQA Infrastructure Do we want to update or decommision it? Workable QA - future
54785 openQA Infrastructure tap devices not in any zone, error reported by firewalld Workable QA - future Related to #52499
55316 openQA Infrastructure monitoring alerts for too long running database queries New QA - future Copied from #55313
57239 openQA Infrastructure Add/fix openqa_logwarn for o3 and osd sending to and respectively Workable QA - future Related to #35290, Related to #99741
59621 openQA Infrastructure osd: Sporadically high CPU and IO load (vdd), grafana alerts "Disk I/O time for /dev/vdd" and "CPU usage", also other disks New QA - future Related to #110269
60962 openQA Infrastructure Enable multi-machine capability for all configured workers New QA - future Related to #63853
61221 openQA Infrastructure osd: unable to save needles, minion fails with "fatal: Unable to create '/var/lib/openqa/.../needles/.git/index.lock'" New QA - future Related to #70774, Related to #89560
62666 openQA Infrastructure Move into opensuse private network New QA - future
63382 openQA Infrastructure /usr/share/qemu/ovmf-x86_64-staging{,-code,-vars}.bin on workers is not installed by any package, e.g. missing on imagetester New QA - future
64279 openQA Infrastructure [OS upgrade] upgrade xen host New QA - future
64580 openQA Infrastructure Detect and recover from I/O blocked worker machines, e.g. openqaworker-arm-{1,2,3} Workable QA - future Copied from #41882
64803 openQA Infrastructure harmonize IPMI username and password auto_review:"(sonic|tails) .*Unable to establish IPMI" New QA - future
65178 openQA Infrastructure Drop config from salt for osd and o3 New QA - future Related to #60023
65555 openQA Infrastructure [qe-core][functional][core] includes non-existing file New QA - future
66019 openQA Infrastructure Configure downsampling and a retention policy for InfluxDB Workable QA - future
66610 openQA Infrastructure Prevent misleading login failing over http on https-enabled instances, e.g. disable non-SSL in production openQA instances using OpenID (OSD, o3) at least for login attempts New QA - future
68633 openQA Infrastructure alert if there is no worker active for any existant machine class New QA - future
68923 openQA Infrastructure [epic] Use external videoencoder in production auto_review:"External encoder not accepting data" New QA - future Related to #67342, Related to #70873, Related to #75256, Related to #76987
69718 openQA Infrastructure harmonize timezone used for our machines Workable QA - future
71590 openQA Infrastructure [osd][alert] Implement proper monitoring of needed resources of workers New QA - future
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