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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
120249 openQA Tests [security][15sp4][QU1] test fails in boot_encrypt on s390x New Related to #116281
120243 openQA Tests [qe-core] Leap 15.4 CR test suite (replaces Quarterly Updates) New szarate
120240 openQA Tests [security][15sp4][QU1] test fails in bootloader on ppc64le New
120223 qe-yast Investigate sporadic failures in yast_users test module New
120193 openQA Tests [qe-core] Test schedule ordering: tests run before repo available New
120172 openQA Tests [sporadic] test fails in brasero_launch New
120169 openQA Infrastructure Make s390x kvm workers also use FQDN instead of IPv4 in salt pillars for VIRSH_GUEST New QA - future Copied from #109241
120151 qe-yast Performance related failed cases in migraiton regression group New
120145 openQA Infrastructure Where can we see which services are blocked ourselves in SUSE networks? New QA - future
120133 openSUSE admin Discourse migration of the forums New hellcp
120118 openQA Project Provide job settings filter options New QA - future Related to #117655
120115 openQA Infrastructure [qem-dashboard] Use new openQA job settings API to show more data New QA - future Related to #117655
120085 openQA Tests [qac] test fails in validate_btrfs due to "Module requires two disks to run" New
120064 openQA Infrastructure SSD SAN storage (NetApp) for O3 would improve user experience (can not just buy drives on our own) New QA - future
120049 qe-yast Adapt openqa test setting for SLES 15 SP3 LTSS New qe-yast - Current
120019 openQA Tests [opensuse] Test enhancement: sudo: test shipped default configuration New favogt
120010 openQA Tests [desktop][sporadic] test fails in multi_users_dm in XFCE New
119992 openQA Tests [security][15sp5][ppc64le] test fails in bootloader (kernel panic) New
119986 openQA Tests [qe-core] Create a test for Pandas New
119935 openSUSE admin 15.4/appliances causes high traffic to mirrors New opensuse-admin-obs
119929 openQA Tests [qe-core][leap-on-osd] use pre-installed systems with updates New Copied from #119923
119869 openSUSE admin 2022-12-01 19:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting New opensuse-admin
119833 openQA Tests [desktop] libreoffice_default_theme: we are too quick in cycling through New
119806 openQA Tests [qe-sap][Azure][maintenance] test fails in 1_saptune_notes: sysstat & UserTasksMax are not as expected New llzhao
119770 openQA Project Show test progress/status during initialization in web UI New QA - future
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