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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
110191 openQA Infrastructure CI checks should ensure that apparmor changes are correct New QA - future Copied from #91605
112787 openQA Infrastructure Use different users for our database accesses so that we can debug where load comes from New QA - future Copied from #112718
112850 openQA Infrastructure Make pgstatstatements persistent on OSD (in salt) New QA - future Copied from #112718
112943 openQA Infrastructure Consider running explicitly triggered `vacuum ANALYZE` after every database migration New QA - future
59621 openQA Infrastructure osd: Sporadically high CPU and IO load (vdd), grafana alerts "Disk I/O time for /dev/vdd" and "CPU usage", also other disks New QA - future Related to #110269
113477 openQA Infrastructure Get replacements for o3+osd top of rack switch New QA - future Copied from #111473
113701 openQA Infrastructure [qe-core] Move workers back to grenache New QA - future Related to #116794, Related to #116287, Copied from #113528, Copied to #114400
61221 openQA Infrastructure osd: unable to save needles, minion fails with "fatal: Unable to create '/var/lib/openqa/.../needles/.git/index.lock'" New QA - future Related to #70774, Related to #89560
62666 openQA Infrastructure Move into opensuse private network New QA - future
63382 openQA Infrastructure /usr/share/qemu/ovmf-x86_64-staging{,-code,-vars}.bin on workers is not installed by any package, e.g. missing on imagetester New QA - future
65555 openQA Infrastructure [qe-core][functional][core] includes non-existing file New QA - future
66610 openQA Infrastructure Prevent misleading login failing over http on https-enabled instances, e.g. disable non-SSL in production openQA instances using OpenID (OSD, o3) at least for login attempts New QA - future
71590 openQA Infrastructure [osd][alert] Implement proper monitoring of needed resources of workers New QA - future
114400 openQA Infrastructure [qe-core] Rebalance OpenQA worker distribution New QA - future Copied from #113701
114622 openQA Infrastructure Identification of unused/idle machines by alarming when there is no traffic on the corresponding switch ports for some time New QA - future
115925 openQA Infrastructure aarch64: Random QEMU failures while retrieving host CPU features New QA - future
76951 openQA Infrastructure Check if new firmware for power8.o.o exists and remove os-autoinst workarounds again when according machine settings are applied when necessary New QA - future Related to #63142, Copied from #75259
77317 openQA Infrastructure chat bot to conduct daily checks, alerts, reminders, etc. New QA - future Related to #81106
116716 openQA Infrastructure Repurpose ix64ph1079, ix64ph1080, ix64ph1081, e.g. as openQA workers New QA - future
116968 openQA Infrastructure separate email or mailing list address for os-autoinst related development, e.g. circleCI bot account New QA - future
78348 openQA Infrastructure osd: Some job group obsolete definitions should be removed New QA - future
80990 openQA Infrastructure some jobs incomplete with auto_review:"(?s)Running on[^\n]*Linux 5.3.18.*Migrate to file failed, it has been running for more than 240 seconds":retry , seems to happen since upgrade to Leap 15.2 New QA - future
81308 openQA Infrastructure Show actual percentage in partitions usage (%) alert New QA - future
119755 openQA Infrastructure Use a PowerVM machine to serve both PowerVM LPARs for testing as well as one VM running qemu tests New QA - future Copied from #119059
120145 openQA Infrastructure Where can we see which services are blocked ourselves in SUSE networks? New QA - future
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