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# Subject Project Status Assignee Related issues Priority Category Difficulty
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94531 OpenQA worker randomly skips uploading artefacts for whole test modules size:M openQA Project Blocked mkittler Related to #102332, Related to #102786 Low Concrete Bugs
103527 osd-deployment pipelines fail and alerts are not handled size:M openQA Project Blocked okurz Related to #103539 Normal Organisational
103602 Reply to pipeline email fails silently openQA Infrastructure Blocked okurz Low
102464 Upgrade OBS package CI checks to Leap 15.3 (os-autoinst+openQA) size:M openQA Project Blocked tinita Copied from #99240 High Organisational
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97121 [epic] enable qa-maintenance/openQABot comments on smelt again QA Feedback okurz Related to #96998 Normal
99030 [epic] openQA bare-metal test dies due to lost SSH connection auto_review:"backend died: Lost SSH connection to SUT: Failure while draining incoming flow":retry openQA Project Feedback okurz Normal Concrete Bugs
103683 [tools][sle][x86_64][aarch64][QEMUTPM] install package "swtpm" on x86_64 and aarch64 workers openQA Infrastructure Feedback cdywan Related to #99192, Blocked by #104673 Normal
94792 Also show "investigation" tabs for incomplete jobs openQA Project Feedback okurz Low Feature requests
104577 Autoreview script pick up BSC references from softfail message but ignores WONTFIX tags openQA Project Feedback okurz Related to #98457 High Support
96269 Define what a "complete OSD backup" should or can include openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Related to #44078, Copied from #88546 Normal
103287 Ensure openQA within standard repos of Leap 15.3 is working and no problem with object method "route" size:M openQA Project Feedback mkittler Normal Concrete Bugs
104827 openQA documentation generation deletes test API content openQA Project Feedback okurz High Concrete Bugs
104619 openqa_from_containers needs adapted post_fail_hook (was: tests fails due to openSUSE mirror problems with can't locate Mojo/ in INC in script/client) openQA Project Feedback okurz Related to #104517, Copied to #104622 Normal Concrete Bugs
103524 OW1: performance loss openQA Infrastructure Feedback nicksinger Related to #103581 High
96551 Persistent records of systemd journal size:S openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Related to #101379, Copied to #96552 Low
103765 Support for "todo" query parameter on /tests, same as /tests/overview size:M openQA Project Feedback tinita Normal Feature requests
102786 Text results "unable to read" when showing result page during test execution, i.e. while an openQA test is running size:M openQA Project Feedback mkittler Related to #94531 Low Concrete Bugs
98577 Unknown ARRAY( variables matching HDD_1 or ISO in job settings openQA Project Feedback tinita Low Concrete Bugs
100967 Use more perl signatures - openQA openQA Project Feedback okurz Copied from #99663 Low Feature requests
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