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# Subject Project Status Assignee Related issues Priority Category Difficulty
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121225 bot-ng - synchronize pipeline fails on GitLab size:S QA Blocked osukup High
  Feedback 8 Collapse all/Expand all
115547 openqaworker20 fails to boot, broken hardware openQA Infrastructure Feedback favogt Related to #111473, Related to #115418 High
116078 Recover o3 worker power8, restore IPMI access size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback nicksinger Related to #115094 High
120261 tests should try to access worker by WORKER_HOSTNAME FQDN but sometimes get 'worker2' or something auto_review:".*curl.*worker\d+:.*failed at.*":retry size:meow openQA Infrastructure Feedback mkittler Related to #120363, Related to #120579, Related to #121567, Copied from #109241 Urgent
121045 Performance regression of `os-autoinst` size:M openQA Project Feedback tinita High Concrete Bugs
121444 logreport o3: Can't open file ".../details-gd.json": No such file or directory at OpenQA/Schema/Result/ line 95 size:M openQA Project Feedback okurz Related to #121441 High Concrete Bugs
121567 test fails in test_running openQA Project Feedback mkittler Related to #120261 High Concrete Bugs
120193 [tools] Test schedule ordering: tests run before repo available auto_review:"Test died: 'zypper -n ref' failed with code 4":retry openQA Tests Feedback okurz High Infrastructure
116959 Unreliable/unusable audio connections using Jitsi instance on from Android clients size:S QA Feedback okurz Low
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