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123825 Ensure proper o3 monitoring after shutdown of thruk/icinga by SUSE-IT Eng-Infra openQA Infrastructure Blocked okurz Normal reactive work, infra, mob
123933 [worker][ipmi][bmc] Some worker can not be reached via BMC openQA Infrastructure Blocked okurz Related to #119551 High infra, ipmi, bmc, FC Basement, lab, PXE
124391 test fails in bootloader_start - The command server of powerhmc1 cannot be connected openQA Infrastructure Blocked nicksinger Related to #124685 Normal infra
125147 Nuremberg QA workstations and QAM labs cold storage move to Frankencampus size:M QA Blocked okurz Normal infra, labs, qam, machines, racktables, facilities
125204 Move QA labs NUE-2.2.14-B to Frankencampus labs - non-bare-metal machines QA Blocked okurz Copied from #119551 Normal infra, frankencampus, next-office-day
125219 Use qa-power8 for ppc tests in o3 - try the other suggestions openQA Infrastructure Blocked okurz Copied from #125216 High infra, powervm, HMC, OPAL, o3, power, ppc, ibm, ipmi
125363 [epic] Improve collaboration with Eng-Infra QA Blocked okurz Normal infra
125534 Consolidate the installation of openqaw5-xen with SUSE QE Tools maintained machines size:M openQA Infrastructure Blocked okurz Copied to #125750 Normal infra, salt, openqaw5-xen
125783 [jeos] Test fails in kdump_and_crash on SLE 12sp5 and 15sp4 XEN after worker migration from SLES to Leap 15.4 openQA Tests Blocked okurz Related to #116644 Normal Bugs in existing tests jeos, virtualization, xen, regression, kdump, crash, openQA
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64279 [virtualization][OS upgrade] upgrade xen host openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Normal
121582 [tools][metrics] Calculate cycle + lead times for SUSE QE Tools continuously size:M QA Feedback cdywan Related to #47891, Copied to #125765, Copied to #126113 Normal
122908 [tools] openSUSE conference 2023 contributions size:M QA Feedback cdywan Related to #125300 High reactive work, marketing, team, conference
123004 Downgrade kernel on o3+osd x86_64 machines as workaround for boo#1206616 openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Related to #123025 High infra
123382 repurpose openqaworker-arm-3 as baremetal worker openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Normal infra
124469 Allow partial product retrigger openQA Project Feedback mkittler Low Support reactive work
124652 gtk glitch not showing dialog window decoration on openQA size:M openQA Project Feedback cdywan High Support reactive work
125237 os-autoinst codecov check "fully_covered" returns 99% but codecov reports look like 100% size:M openQA Project Feedback cdywan Normal Concrete Bugs reactive work, os-autoinst, codecov, coverage, CI
125378 [timeboxed:20h] Proof of concept for supporting creating demo videos with pauses and mouse moving openQA Project Feedback tinita Normal Feature requests
125642 Manage "unified alerting" via salt size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback mkittler Blocks #125303 High infra, salt, grafana, alerts
125885 worker10 crashed triggering systemd-services alert and host-up alert size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback mkittler High infra, alert
126188 [openQA][infra][worker][sut] openQA infra performance fluctuates to the level that that leads to tangible test run failure size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback mkittler Urgent
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