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103736 Make aarch64 machine chan-1 and chow up and running after it is broken size:M openQA Infrastructure Blocked nicksinger Normal reactive work, infra
101048 [epic] Investigate and fix higher instability of openqaworker-arm-4/5 vs. arm-1/2/3 openQA Project Blocked mkittler Related to #101030 Normal Concrete Bugs
126167 [epic][qem-bot] Inconsistent job counts in qem-dashboard size:M QA Blocked kraih Normal reactive work
119431 Inform users e.g. in the webUI if not all results are returned size:M openQA Project Blocked kraih Related to #120841, Related to #119428, Copied from #114421 Low Feature requests
120525 Ensure our usual bugzilla integrated tooling works with the upgraded test instance size:M QA Blocked cdywan Related to #120276 Normal reactive work, infra
120276 Prepare openqa_bugfetcher for upcoming bugzilla update openQA Infrastructure Blocked cdywan Related to #120525, Copied to #120279 Normal reactive work
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116704 [qe-core] nvme@uefi: boot from DVD post install instead of from HDD openQA Tests Feedback tinita Related to #116914, Related to #111992, Related to #113794 Normal Bugs in existing tests reactive work
125909 [tools] Support the task "openQA: eliminate i586 from openSUSE:Factory" size:M openQA Tests Feedback osukup Copied from #125627 Normal Infrastructure
123004 Downgrade kernel on o3+osd x86_64 machines as workaround for boo#1206616 size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Related to #123025 High infra
123382 repurpose openqaworker-arm-3 as baremetal worker openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Normal infra
64279 [virtualization][OS upgrade] upgrade xen host openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Normal
126188 [openQA][infra][worker][sut] openQA infra performance fluctuates to the level that that leads to tangible test run failure size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback mkittler Urgent infra
125642 Manage "unified alerting" via salt size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback mkittler Blocks #125303 High infra, salt, grafana, alerts
125723 Provide a ready-to-use container image or GitHub action repository to trigger/monitor openQA jobs as CI checks size:M openQA Project Feedback mkittler Normal Feature requests
122983 [alert] openqa/monitor-o3 failing because openqaworker1 is down size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback mkittler Blocked by #123028 Normal infra
124469 Allow partial product retrigger size:M openQA Project Feedback mkittler Low Feature requests reactive work
124493 openqa-clone-job --skip-deps behavior contradicts documentation size:M openQA Project Feedback kraih Normal Concrete Bugs
122908 [tools] openSUSE conference 2023 contributions size:M QA Feedback cdywan Related to #125300 High reactive work, marketing, team, conference
124652 gtk glitch not showing dialog window decoration on openQA size:M openQA Project Feedback cdywan High Support reactive work
121582 [tools][metrics] Calculate cycle + lead times for SUSE QE Tools continuously size:M QA Feedback cdywan Related to #47891, Copied to #125765, Copied to #126113 Normal
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