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# Subject Project Status Assignee Related issues Priority Category Difficulty
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114565 recover qa-power8-4+qa-power8-5 size:M openQA Infrastructure Blocked mkittler Copied from #114526 Normal
103962 [saga][epic] Easy multi-machine handling: MM-tests as first-class citizens openQA Project Blocked mkittler Copied to #112862 Normal Feature requests
101048 [epic] Investigate and fix higher instability of openqaworker-arm-4/5 vs. arm-1/2/3 openQA Project Blocked mkittler Related to #101030 High Concrete Bugs
98952 [epic] t/full-stack.t sporadically fails "clickElement: element not interactable" and other errors openQA Project Blocked mkittler Related to #101734 Low Concrete Bugs
112367 [tools] python-paramiko on Leap/SLE throws exception with ed25519 key size:M QA Blocked jbaier_cz Normal
109737 [opensuse][sporadic] test fails in chromium due to lost characters when typing in the address bar size:M openQA Tests Blocked cdywan Related to #107632, Related to #109740, Copied to #113800, Copied to #114412 High Bugs in existing tests
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114694 Incident seems to have missing aggregate test results in qem-dashboard but openQA jobs exists size:M QA Feedback osukup Related to #110409, Related to #109310 High
113366 Add three more Prague located OSD workers size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Copied from #104970 High
111171 Handle installation of new FC switch size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback okurz Low
115094 [tools] test fails in bootloader_start: redcurrant is down openQA Infrastructure Feedback nicksinger Copied to #115118 Normal
114802 Handle "QA network infrastructure Package loss alert" introduced by #113746 size:M openQA Infrastructure Feedback mkittler Related to #113746 Normal
113671 [timeboxed][10h] Configure write of I/O panels to be on the negative Y-axis again once we're on grafana 8.4 size:S openQA Infrastructure Feedback mkittler Related to #112733 Low
114878 isotovideo: Add option to disable color output size:S openQA Project Feedback cdywan Copied from #114869 Normal Feature requests
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