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128273 [alert] openqaworker-arm-1+2+ failed to recover, problem in name resolution, network connection? size:M openQA Infrastructure High
128090 [alert] SUSE nbg network outage 2023-04-20 openQA Infrastructure High
127274 [alert] Usage of partition mmcblk0p3 on openqa-piworker exceeds threshold size:M openQA Infrastructure High
128420 [alert][grafana] 100% packet loss from qa-power8-4-kvm, grenache-1 and powerqaworker-qam-1 to s390zp{11,15,17} size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
127982 [alert][grafana] DatasourceNoData e.g. openQA QA-Power8-5-kvm+openqaw5-xen Disk I/O time alert worker openQA Infrastructure High
128969 [alert][grafana] Failed systemd services alert (except Salt (Uk02cifVkz) openQA Infrastructure Urgent
129244 [alert][grafana] File systems alert for WebUI /results size:M openQA Infrastructure Urgent
127985 [alert][grafana] Handle various problems with slow monitoring https requests and such (was: DatasourceNoData HTTP Response alert) size:M openQA Infrastructure High
128417 [alert][grafana] openqaw5-xen: partitions usage (%) alert fired and quickly after recovered again size:M openQA Infrastructure High
128945 [alert][grafana] web UI: Too many Minion job failures alert Salt (liA25iB4k) openQA Infrastructure Urgent
128399 [bot-ng] Scheduler uses metadata from previous day size:M QA Normal
113674 [epic] Configure I/O alerts again for the webui after migrating to the "unified alerting" in grafana size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
120522 [epic] Support upgrade SUSE bugzilla instance openQA Infrastructure Normal
130210 [FIRING:1] Packet loss between worker hosts and other hosts alert Salt (2Z025iB4km) openQA Infrastructure Normal
126821 [openQA][infra][worker] ppc64 fails to load grub2 completely over tftp/pxe on qanet and PXE load timeout issues size:M openQA Infrastructure Urgent
124685 [qe-tools] Make sure Power8 and Power9 machines can be used with *any* usable HMC (was: move to new size:M openQA Infrastructure Urgent
128654 [sporadic] Fail to create an ipmi session to worker grenache-1:16 (ix64ph1075) in its vlan openQA Infrastructure High
127763 [teregen] Separate bugs with severity lower than Major in generated template QA Low
122908 [tools] openSUSE conference 2023 contributions size:M QA High
128045 /var on qanet is 100% QA High
125447 Clarify to Eng-Infra that SD tickets have flaws size:S QA Normal
122848 Configure grouped alerts in Grafana correctly size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
122842 Configure I/O alerts again for the webui after migrating to the "unified alerting" in grafana size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
125534 Consolidate the installation of openqaw5-xen with SUSE QE Tools maintained machines size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
120525 Ensure our usual bugzilla integrated tooling works with the upgraded test instance size:M QA Normal
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