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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
115103 QA [tools] osc-plugin-qam reads Incident Priority from IBS but that was replaced by SMELT size:M In Progress osukup openQA Project - Ready 2022-08-27
115094 openQA Infrastructure [tools] test fails in bootloader_start: redcurrant is down Feedback okurz openQA Project - Ready 2022-10-13 Copied to #115118
115091 openSUSE admin - not synced debuginfo packages In Progress pjessen
115079 openQA Tests [qem][qe-core] Many test failures due to low performance on arm workers New Related to #114959, Related to #114688, Related to #114854, Related to #114956, Related to #113396
115067 ZSystems libslirp: fix syntax error in ip6_icmp.h New
115058 openSUSE admin the security-announce lists sends probes to the security list? New
115049 openSUSE admin Adding Attachment to bugs on bugzilla returns Error New
115022 openQA Project Complete unit test coverage (with coverage analysis) in os-autoinst/wheel-launcher New QA - future Copied from #115019
115019 openQA Project os-autoinst/wheel-boot which can be used to test os-autoinst/wheel-launcher size:M Workable openQA Project - Ready Copied from #115013, Copied to #115022
115016 openQA Project Conduct a workshop to introduce wheels and discuss how to go forward New QA - future Copied from #115013
115013 openQA Project os-autoinst-plugin as a wheel helper tool New QA - future Copied from #115004, Copied to #115016, Copied to #115019
115007 openQA Tests [qem][qe-core] split "qam-minimal+base" into 2 parts, one is for installation, one is for later tests Workable rfan1 QA - QE-Core: Ready
115004 openQA Project Use in os-autoinst-distri-opensuse as well New QA - future Copied from #115001, Copied to #115013
115001 openQA Project Add documentation how to use/develop wheels visible on New QA - future Copied to #115004
114992 openQA Infrastructure Broken MM machines don't appear as available workers New QA - future Copied from #64700
114977 openQA Tests kernel-rt server has no network access size:S Workable pcervinka QE Kernel - QE Kernel Current 2022-08-12
114974 openSUSE Release Process [qe-sap] hana-install is failing on SLE15SP4 SAP New
114953 openSUSE admin Requests from LATAM being redirected to Ukrainian mirror? Workable andriinikitin
114935 ALP Add standard container host tests for ALP prototype in O3 In Progress pdostal
114899 openQA Project pyyaml update Feedback tinita QA - future 2022-08-17
114866 openQA Infrastructure Handle a trailing slash in NEEDLES_DIR correctly New QA - future
114851 openSUSE admin mirrorcache.o.o down (workaround in place) Workable andriinikitin
114835 ZSystems Update python-sqlite-fts4 New
114826 openQA Project tests/overview page overview may display outdated builds in certain cases New QA - future
114811 openSUSE admin repo push to is stuck. New andriinikitin
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