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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
70303 Jump 15.2 Disable ignore_missing_packages bit in the ftp tree build New
70300 Jump 15.2 Create pool repository for SUSE:SLE-15-SP2:Update New
70954 Jump 15.2 Agree on the scope of co-operation of Package Hub and Release team for incoming changes to Backports New lkocman
67366 Jump 15.2 [containers] test fails in docker_runc "Error exporting container" for ppc64le Leap15.2 New
67252 MicroOS 15.2 update wiki In Progress cwh
65762 MicroOS 15.2 enable package list generator New
68770 MicroOS 15.2 document how to integrate with health-checker New
88197 openQA Infrastructure Workflow for staged deployments Workable QA - future
120145 openQA Infrastructure Where can we see which services are blocked ourselves in SUSE networks? New QA - future
125219 openQA Infrastructure Use qa-power8 for ppc tests in o3 - try the other suggestions New QA - future Related to #126821, Copied from #125216
119059 openQA Infrastructure Use qa-power8 for ppc tests in o3 - network connected? New QA - future Related to #122302, Copied to #119755, Copied to #123712, Copied to #125216
77845 openQA Infrastructure Use external videoencoder in production on all osd machines size:M Workable openQA Project - Ready Copied from #77842, Copied to #77848
112787 openQA Infrastructure Use different users for our database accesses so that we can debug where load comes from New QA - future Copied from #112718
119755 openQA Infrastructure Use a PowerVM machine to serve both PowerVM LPARs for testing as well as one VM running qemu tests New QA - future Copied from #119059
113357 openQA Infrastructure UEFI PXE or "network boot" support within size:M Workable QA - future
98661 openQA Infrastructure Tweak worker numbers for openqaworker-arm-4 and arm-5 New QA - future Related to #90275
106841 openQA Infrastructure Try using tmpfs on openqaworker1 to use RAM more efficiently New QA - future Related to #30595
123226 openQA Infrastructure Temperature monitoring in SUSE QE lab size:M New QA - future Copied from #123028
54785 openQA Infrastructure tap devices not in any zone, error reported by firewalld Workable QA - future Related to #52499
120064 openQA Infrastructure SSD SAN storage (NetApp) for O3 would improve user experience (can not just buy drives on our own) New QA - future
100976 openQA Infrastructure specific alert about the size of our database, maybe even database tables? New QA - future Copied from #100859, Copied to #100979
127337 openQA Infrastructure Some s390x workers have been failing for all jobs since 11 months ago New QA - future
80990 openQA Infrastructure some jobs incomplete with auto_review:"(?s)Running on[^\n]*Linux 5.3.18.*Migrate to file failed, it has been running for more than 240 seconds":retry , seems to happen since upgrade to Leap 15.2 New QA - future
81308 openQA Infrastructure Show actual percentage in partitions usage (%) alert New QA - future
113800 openQA Infrastructure Setup o3 to run rootless containers on worker hosts New QA - future Copied from #109737
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