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99189 Upgrade o3 workers to openSUSE Leap 15.3 size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
99117 malbec 🍷️ is not reachable via ssh or ipmi openQA Infrastructure Normal
97661 [retro] find a better time for "estimation" meeting which is APAC friendly size:S QA Normal
97418 Pipeline in salt-states-openqa can fail occasionally size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
97367 Update CI image QA:Maintenance/openSUSE-Leap-Container to Leap 15.3 QA Normal
96719 recover imagetester with broken filesystem/hardware (was: automatic updates on imagetester don't work and it failed to come up after reboot) openQA Infrastructure Normal
96272 Test failed incomplete: "Reason: backend died: QEMU exited unexpectedly, see log for details" size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
94492 Configure retention/downsampling policy for monitoring data stored within InfluxDB size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
69478 [epic] Upgrade o3+osd workers+webui to openSUSE Leap 15.2 openQA Infrastructure Normal
102335 qa-tools-backlog-assistant: Automated runs of the workflow are making pull requests impossible to accept QA Low
101073 Smoke test of basic rust/cargo functionality size:S QA Low
101033 openqaworker13: Too many Minion job failures alert - sqlite failed: database is locked size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
99333 qa-maintenance/openQABot CI job fails after max retries to reach openQA Infrastructure Low
97658 many (maybe all) jobs on rebel within o3 run into timeout_exceeded "setup exceeded MAX_SETUP_TIME" size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
59933 Prevent depletion of space on / with extra partition or quota on /home on o3 size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
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103029 Fix problems with os-autoinst's thread creation and the latest TBB version openQA Project Urgent Concrete Bugs
102467 test fails in reconnect_mgmt_console with auto_review:"Test died: unexpected end of data at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/consoles/ line 190." openQA Project Urgent Concrete Bugs
102437 Job age alert median followed by max size:S openQA Project Urgent Concrete Bugs
102428 Provide "fail-rate" alerting with ratio_mm_failed 5.360 size:M openQA Project Urgent Concrete Bugs
101884 openqa-review: list index out of range openQA Project Urgent Concrete Bugs
101478 openqa-review pipeline failed because details-* JSON contains non-UTF8 char ? size:S openQA Project Urgent Concrete Bugs
101030 Typing problems on aarch64 openQA Project Urgent Concrete Bugs
98898 `t/05-scheduler-full.t` sometimes fails in CircleCI size:M openQA Project Urgent Concrete Bugs
103032 openQA "investigation" does not show "diff_to_last_good" content anymore? openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
102347 bot-ng: repohash calculation openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
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