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119521 [alert] jenkins: partitions usage (%) alert openQA Infrastructure High
119488 The QEM dashboard is empty openQA Infrastructure High
119215 [openQA][repos][aarch64][15-SP5[Full Media] 15-SP5 Full media is missing from openQA Infrastructure Urgent
119179 [openQA][iso] Fail to mount nfs share openQA Infrastructure High
118885 No cable connection or link to the 2nd network card in amd-zen3-gpu-sut1-1 openQA Infrastructure High
117631 Failed systemd service transactional-update on openqaworker1 - system is no longer reachable after reboot size:M openQA Infrastructure Urgent
117625 Fix IPMI connection to size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
117580 web interface of and can not be reached over neither IPv4 nor IPv6 size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
117205 Some boot_from_pxe failed from assigned worker: grenache-1:17 (kermit) and also openqaworker2:17 (quinn) size:M openQA Infrastructure High
117172 Flaky alert about infrastructure packet loss openQA Infrastructure High
116911 [openQA][needle] Can not commit new needle for test suite on openQA Infrastructure Urgent
116848 Ensure kdump is enabled and working on all OSD machines openQA Infrastructure Normal
116845 salt-states-openqa CI complains about "fatal: Authentication failed for ''" but no useful hint size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
115547 openqaworker20 fails to boot, broken hardware size:M openQA Infrastructure High
115418 Setup ow19+20 to be able to run MM tests size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
109241 Prefer to use domain names rather than IPv4 in salt pillars size:M openQA Infrastructure Urgent
121699 bot-ng - approve incidents pipeline fails with 401 unauthorized on GitLab size:S QA High
120468 [sporadic] Failed: os-autoinst/openqa-trigger-from-obs on master / test (7ea68e0) on CircleCI size:M QA High
120327 monitoring data for is empty size:S QA High
119281 [alert] baremetal-support: Memory usage alert size:M QA High
118186 Prevent SLO alerts for tickets with open subtasks as they inherit priority and can not be changed directly size:M QA Urgent
117790 osc-plugin-qam: TypeError in qam my subcommand during incident priority fetch size:M QA High
117694 [epic] Stable and reliable qem-bot QA Normal
117619 Bot approved update request with failing tests size:M QA High
116545 Automated alerts and reminders about SLO's for openqatests (only one reminder) size:M QA High
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