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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
32149 qe-yam Create ay using customer profile to track regression from bsc#954908 New QA - future
31915 qe-yam Create ay integration test for given profile which has identified bug bsc#1037727 New QA - future
31726 qe-yam [bsc#1078961] Add scenario where user selects desktop goes back and selects another desktop New QA - future
31585 qe-yam Full installation with a different keyboard layout New QA - future Related to #40211
29122 qe-yam Extend autoyast tests coverage New QA - future Related to #23606
28976 qe-yam Add test releasenotes_origin properly for s390x zkvm New QA - future
28555 qe-yam Create installation workflow which covers steps backward and changing system role New QA - future
26994 qe-yam [sle][functional][yast][y] Test installation with low memory (512mb) and swap disabled New QA - future
20966 qe-yam Extend yast2_software_management New QA - future
17680 qe-yam Use sut-like select_console in remote_vnc_target_nfs and remote_ssh_target_ftp New QA - future
12966 qe-yam Enable iSCSI client/server test scenario for openSUSE New Related to #37045, Blocked by #30892, Copied from #9482
9536 qe-yam Test all DMs for working encrypted home support New JERiveraMoya QA - future Related to #29986
9474 qe-yam Test accessibility New QA - future
2622 Staging project workflow obs_factory: test suite In Progress ancorgs
17424 Staging project workflow Delete requests can wrongly end up in adi stagings New
17422 Staging project workflow Staging accept fails on delete requests of pkg with > 1 spec file New
11268 Staging project workflow findfileconflicts: needs to learn about various archs of packages New
8838 Staging project workflow branches can block adi New
8266 Staging project workflow gettext-runtime seen as ring1 package but affects ring0 New
7460 Staging project workflow sp1 needs small freeze extension New aplanas
5904 Staging project workflow repo-checker needs to check for duplicate binary package names New aplanas
3112 Staging project workflow don't send change_devel to staging New
3016 Staging project workflow Invalidate builddepinfo for the cycle detector New
2942 Staging project workflow accept staging links new deps New Staging project workflow - Future
2894 Staging project workflow Change cached condition New
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