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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
19702 openQA Project Share directory is not created upon openQA-worker package install and worker does not start even if caching is enabled New QA - future
19402 openQA Tests [zkvm]test fails in patch_before_migration by applying delta package timeout New
19394 openQA Tests [opensuse][leap][42.3][aarch64] test fails in first_boot of xfce test timing out but full session is visible after fail -> increase timeout? New
19392 openQA Tests [opensuse][leap][42.3][aarch64] test fails in welcome to find install repo for NET New
19250 openQA Tests [opensuse]test fails in gimp New
19222 openQA Project [discussion] Improve automatic carryover to be more strict - when bugs relate to individual steps within test details New QA - future Related to #121429
19176 openSUSE Release Process [python,perl,shell] rewrite group translation extractor script for repomd New 2017-08-31
18960 openQA Tests [sled]reboot authentication window popup on SLED12+SDK(fullupdate) New
18484 openQA Project Needle editor confused by identically-named needles in different folders New QA - future
18354 openQA Tests [opensuse]kdewallet has asked create a wallet for chromium New
18326 openQA Tests [sle15sp4][desktop] regression-firefox test relies on external resource New GraceWang Related to #15134
18152 openQA Tests [opensuse]Chrome 57.0.2987.133 no longer asks for default browser New
18092 openQA Tests [opensuse] test fail because of unexpected update notifications New
17734 openQA Project "autoneedler" mode New QA - future
17700 openSUSE Release Process forbidden multibuild package to Factory till implemented and no issues New Related to #17698
17698 openSUSE Release Process multibuild support in the Factory development model New Related to #17700
17680 qe-yam Use sut-like select_console in remote_vnc_target_nfs and remote_ssh_target_ftp New QA - future
17424 Staging project workflow Delete requests can wrongly end up in adi stagings New
17422 Staging project workflow Staging accept fails on delete requests of pkg with > 1 spec file New
17252 openQA Project notifications to maintainer on failed modules New QA - future Related to #91467, Related to #91605, Copied from #16276
16534 openQA Project more fun reviewing tests and therefore improving the quality of the tested products with gamification New QA - future
16274 openQA Project email notifications about new review comments available New QA - future Related to #91605, Copied from #10672
16180 openQA Project Better log viewer New QA - future Related to #68146, Blocked by #16166, Precedes #16184
16122 openQA Tests [qe-core][functional][epic] Idea: a test / API that verifies that package X does not pull in (direct or indirect) package Y New SUSE QA - Milestone 31 Related to #67456
15802 openSUSE Release Process update Factory workflow New 2017-02-28
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