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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
121378 openQA Project load_templates sometimes fails with "unknown error code", then works after a while New QA - future
121369 openSUSE admin Package mirror gone? New andriinikitin
121366 openQA Project unhandled error in t/04-scheduler that is not causing the test to fail New openQA Project - Ready
121357 openQA Project [easy][beginner] Ensure 100% test coverage of t/ New openQA Project - Ready Copied from #94952
121354 openQA Project Implement purely text based needles New clanig QA - future
121345 openQA Tests [security] test fails in windows_client_remotelogin New
121342 openQA Tests [security] test fails in hexchat_ssl New
121321 openSUSE admin with unfixed security issues New _miska_ Related to #15276
121306 openQA Infrastructure [virtualization] can not be reached New nanzhang QA - future
121300 openQA Tests [qe-core][functional][15-sp5] test incomplete with `Reason: backend died: Can't locate object method "mouse_hide" via package "consoles::serial_screen" at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/backend/ line 741.` Feedback rfan1 QA - QE-Core: Ready
121297 openQA Tests [desktop][sle15sp5] vncviewer-1.12 changes shortcut key; test fails in onetime_vncsession_xvnc_tigervnc New zcjia
121288 openSUSE admin 2023-01-05 19:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting New opensuse-admin
121282 openQA Infrastructure Recover New openQA Project - Ready
121276 openQA Tests [desktop] gnome_default_applications: outdated list of application names matching New
121252 openQA Tests [qe-core] Rework tests with indirect dependencies on PackageHub New QA - QE-Core: Ready
121234 qe-yam test fails in scc_registration New
121228 QA qem-bot comments on IBS size:M Workable openQA Project - Ready Copied from #114415
121225 QA bot-ng - synchronize pipeline fails on GitLab size:S Blocked osukup openQA Project - Ready
121216 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in php_postgresql In Progress mgrifalconi
121198 openQA Tests [security] swtpm_verify: vm's ssh service seems offline New
121171 openQA Infrastructure Consider using pngquant for speedup New QA - future
121153 openQA Tests [qe-core] remove qe_run tests New
121123 openSUSE admin connect.o.o. New
121117 openQA Project Add pagination for GET /experimental/search New QA - future 2022-12-07 Copied from #121114
121114 openQA Project Add pagination for GET /api/v1/job_settings/jobs New QA - future 2022-12-07 Copied from #121111, Copied to #121117
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