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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
116257 openQA Tests [svirt] Some workers in openqaworker2 time out while copying the assets in bootloader_svirt module New Related to #116644
116140 openSUSE admin 2022-10-06 18:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting October 2022 New opensuse-admin
38807 openQA Project Make sure all used assets are accounted for in tests on osd (#38804) but not as assets which people need to download on cloning the job as the ISO is not actually used New QA - future Related to #38804, Related to #59394
104301 qe-yast Validate joining vlan at startup on s390 New qe-yast - Current
111314 openQA Project _SECRET_ variables are exposed in vars.json when the job is not completed. Workable QA - future Related to #110518
103885 ZSystems .Net container images New
116239 openSUSE admin .TR is directed to Asia instead of Europe In Progress andriinikitin
114751 ZSystems 'ByteSwap' has not been declared in doomsday New
17734 openQA Project "autoneedler" mode New QA - future
115862 ZSystems "minimum" not declared in package ddnet New
21844 openQA Tests [aarch64] test fails in inkscape New
58772 openQA Tests [aarch64] test fails in keymap_or_locale in minimalx New
50594 openQA Tests [aarch64] test fails in reboot_plasma5 New
48053 openQA Tests [aarch64] test fails in system_workarounds New
35362 openQA Tests [aarch64] test fails in xorg_vt New
117262 openQA Infrastructure [alert] failed systemd service: ca-certificates on, "p11-kit: couldn't complete writing of file: /var/lib/ca-certificates/ca-bundle.pem.tmp: Unknown error 17" New QA - future Related to #104172
34414 qe-yast [autoyast] Add profile to test regression bsc#1088183 New QA - future
32152 qe-yast [autoyast] verify that filesystem is assigned when <filesystem> tag is not defined New QA - future
96404 openQA Project [beginner] Better explain in docs the first step based on os-autoinst-distri-example New QA - future
53402 openQA Project [beginner] Not possible to search for test suites (again?) using regex, e.g. `^gnome$` Workable QA - future Related to #51719, Related to #52232
95263 openQA Project [beginner] t/44-scripts.t times out in circleCI after 420s - skip coverage analysis in this test? New QA - future
93892 openQA Project [beginner][easy] Automatically validate code style for python code in openQA Workable QA - future Related to #92665
31726 qe-yast [bsc#1078961] Add scenario where user selects desktop goes back and selects another desktop New QA - future
33070 qe-yast [bsc#1082535] add test to verify YaST dev packages in Dev Tools module New QA - future
20450 openQA Tests [Build0473] Test died: 'zypper -n in hwloc hwloc-testsuite' failed test fails in hwloc_testsuite New
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