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121366 unhandled error in t/04-scheduler that is not causing the test to fail openQA Project New Normal Concrete Bugs
121357 [easy][beginner] Ensure 100% test coverage of t/ openQA Project New Copied from #94952 Low Feature requests
121282 Recover openQA Infrastructure New Urgent
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120468 [sporadic] Failed: os-autoinst/openqa-trigger-from-obs on master / test (7ea68e0) on CircleCI size:M QA Workable High
120525 Ensure our usual bugzilla integrated tooling works with the upgraded test instance size:M QA Workable Related to #120276 High
121228 qem-bot comments on IBS size:M QA Workable Copied from #114415 Normal
119161 Approval step of qem-bot says incident has failed job in incidents but it looks empty on the dashboard size:M QA Workable Related to #103701, Related to #107923 Low
115793 [tools] test fails in update_install on PowerPC size:M openQA Tests Workable Has duplicate #115820 High Bugs in existing tests
120891 Product not scheduled: DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: deadlock detected size:M openQA Project Workable kraih High Concrete Bugs
121042 [sporadic] typing issue in comments UI test size:M openQA Project Workable mkittler High Concrete Bugs
109920 Identify reproducible product issues using openqa-investigate size:M openQA Project Workable Copied to #110176 Normal Feature requests
98862 Comment about intermittent/sporadic test issues on original job if openqa-investigate retry job passes size:M openQA Project Workable Related to #95746, Copied to #110518 Low Feature requests
120651 [openQA][infra][ipmi][worker][api] The expected pattenr CMD_FINISHED-xxxxx returned but did not show up in serial log (wait_serial timed out) size:M openQA Infrastructure Workable Urgent
113366 Add three more Prague located OSD workers size:M openQA Infrastructure Workable nicksinger Related to #80382, Copied from #104970 High
115547 openqaworker20 fails to boot, broken hardware openQA Infrastructure Workable nicksinger Related to #111473, Related to #115418 High
120783 [Alerting] failed systemd service on worker11, os-autoinst-openvswitch. Failed at system boot, turned ok after some hours size:M openQA Infrastructure Workable Copied from #120780 Normal
113674 Configure I/O alerts again for the webui after migrating to the "unified alerting" in grafana size:M openQA Infrastructure Workable Related to #112733 Low
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107923 qem-bot: Ignore not-ok openQA jobs for specific incident based on openQA job comment size:M QA In Progress okurz Related to #109857, Related to #111078, Related to #119467, Related to #114415, Related to #120939, Related to #119161 Normal
121054 bigint conversion fails due to idx_job_id_value_settings index being too wide size:S openQA Project In Progress AdamWill Urgent Concrete Bugs
121045 Performance regression of `os-autoinst` size:M openQA Project In Progress tinita High Concrete Bugs
100967 Use more perl signatures - openQA size:M openQA Project In Progress okurz Copied from #99663, Copied to #105127 Low Feature requests
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121225 bot-ng - synchronize pipeline fails on GitLab size:S QA Blocked osukup High
91646 [saga][epic] SUSE Maintenance QA workflows with fully automated testing, approval and release QA Blocked okurz Copied to #99303 Normal
96539 Conclude migration of QA Blocked okurz Normal
94105 [epic] Use feedback from openqa-investigate to automatically inform on github pull requests, open tickets, weed out automatically failed tests QA Blocked okurz Related to #91773, Related to #107014 Normal
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