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116539 not reachable and not triggering tests like krypton anymore QA Urgent
111998 Make our SLE related tooling work with upcoming changes to (2FA and ssh key based authentication) size:M QA Urgent
116605 False SLO update comment for a Low ticket size:M QA Urgent
113797 Automated alerts and reminders about SLO's for openqatests size:M QA High
115103 [tools] osc-plugin-qam reads Incident Priority from IBS but that was replaced by SMELT size:M QA Normal
111710 [qa-tools] [tools] remove usage of *_TEST_TEMPLATE vars in qem-bot and openQA media definition if favor of *_TEST_REPOS size:M QA Normal
111338 Open source size:M QA Low
116782 o3 s390 workers are offline openQA Infrastructure Urgent
116911 [openQA][needle] Can not commit new needle for test suite on openQA Infrastructure Urgent
116566 salt-states-openqa: Failed pipeline for master openQA Infrastructure High
116740 [alert] openqaworker14: host up alert openQA Infrastructure High
116743 [alert] QA-Power8-5-kvm: host up alert openQA Infrastructure High
111473 Get replacements for imagetester and openqaworker1 size:M openQA Infrastructure High
116746 [alert] openqaworker9: host up alert openQA Infrastructure High
116752 [alert] powerqaworker-qam-1: host up alert openQA Infrastructure High
117172 Flaky alert about infrastructure packet loss openQA Infrastructure High
114448 is unreachable via IPMI openQA Infrastructure High
115208 failed-systemd-services: logrotate-openqa alerting on and off size:M openQA Infrastructure High
115484 [alert] OSD deployment failed on 18.08.22 size:M openQA Infrastructure High
115733 bot-ng pipeline fails because of empty dictionary in data returned by smelt size:M openQA Infrastructure High
116344 ( can not be reached size:M openQA Infrastructure High
116377 openQABot pipeline failing with KeyError: 'project' openQA Infrastructure High
116437 Recover qa-power8-5 size:M openQA Infrastructure High
116494 Too many Minion job failures alert because needle-pusher is blocked on GitLab openQA Infrastructure High
116689 Do not rely on statically configured IPv4 addresses for the salt master in /etc/hosts size:S openQA Infrastructure High
116794 Bring back + openQA Infrastructure High
64700 setup o3 workers openqaworker4 and openqaworker7 for multi-machine tests size:S openQA Infrastructure Normal
116563 `salt storage\*` times out openQA Infrastructure Normal
111986 Ensure is properly used openQA Infrastructure Normal
114802 Handle "QA network infrastructure Package loss alert" introduced by #113746 size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
115226 Use ext4 (instead of ext2) for /var/lib/openqa on qa-power8 workers openQA Infrastructure Normal
115553 salt-states-openqa pipeline failed: Authentication failed for '' openQA Infrastructure Normal
116060 Recover openqaworker-arm-1 size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
117268 [epic] Handle reduced PowerPC ressources openQA Infrastructure Normal
117526 [alert] Dehydrated fails again on OSD openQA Infrastructure Normal
109746 Improve QA related server room management, consistent naming and tagging size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
111171 Handle installation of new FC switch size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
113671 [timeboxed][10h] Configure write of I/O panels to be on the negative Y-axis again once we're on grafana 8.4 size:S openQA Infrastructure Low
115094 [tools] test fails in bootloader_start: redcurrant is down size:M openQA Infrastructure Low
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109737 [opensuse][sporadic] test fails in chromium due to lost characters when typing in the address bar size:M openQA Tests High Bugs in existing tests
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113138 sporadic failure in openQA test "t/ui/23-audit-log.t" size:M openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
114881 [sporadic] OBS checks fail os-autoinst test "exceeds runtime limit of '200' seconds " from t/27-consoles-vmware.t on ppc64le size:M openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
116107 openQA-in-OpenQA openqa_from_containers test fails in build size:M openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
116134 o3 logreport: Unknown 'min2022-03-01T15:21' openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
116614 openqa-label-known-issues might label jobs incorrectly openQA Project High Concrete Bugs
115106 Cancelled jobs can end up being stuck associated with worker openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
115178 openqa-investigate: Ensure proper error handling size:M openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
115943 openQA message box becomes invisible when scroll bar is present openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
117196 virsh domain XML does not specify VM ID which is required from VNC over WebSockets openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
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113794 Use prepared OVMF image with expected settings size:M openQA Project High Feature requests
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