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112844 this is a test ticket, please ignore me! openQA auto review Normal
114697 What are orion and andromeda.o.o openQA Infrastructure Normal
114526 recover openqaworker14 openQA Infrastructure Normal
114484 Failed service "transactional-update.service" on openqaworker4 openQA Infrastructure Normal
113662 Ensure upgrade of vanilla Leap 15.3 os-autoinst can be automatically upgraded to Leap 15.4 size:S openQA Infrastructure Normal
112916 postgresql.conf is invalid after recent salt changes size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
112781 Connect and switch on autobot for Anton openQA Infrastructure Normal
112733 Webui Summary dashboard in Grafana is missing I/O panels size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
112718 [alert][osd] is not reachable anymore, response times > 30s, multiple alerts over the weekend openQA Infrastructure Normal
112553 [osd][amd][zen3][network][sriov] New AMD Zen3 machine on OSD lost its nework connection with p3p1 interface openQA Infrastructure Normal
111884 Upgrade qam hosts maintained by us to latest stable, i.e. Leap 15.4 size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
111872 Upgrade osd webUI host to openSUSE Leap 15.4 openQA Infrastructure Normal
111869 Upgrade o3 webUI host to openSUSE Leap 15.4 size:S openQA Infrastructure Normal
111866 Upgrade osd workers and openqa-monitor to openSUSE Leap 15.4 openQA Infrastructure Normal
111863 Upgrade o3 workers to openSUSE Leap 15.4 size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
105594 Two new machines for OSD and o3, meant for bare-metal virtualization size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
64700 setup o3 workers openqaworker4 and openqaworker7 for multi-machine tests size:S openQA Infrastructure Normal
114908 [tools] not responding openQA Infrastructure High
114817 salt-states-openqa deployment failed due to SUSE ca issue on openqaworker-arm-2 openQA Infrastructure High
114685 powerqaworker-qam-1 seems to have just gone unresponsive due to unknown reason openQA Infrastructure High
114397 glibc regression causes cron to crash openQA Infrastructure High
113746 monitoring: The grafana "ping time" panel does not list all hosts size:S openQA Infrastructure High
113498 [alert] QA network infrastructure Ping time alert for several hosts openQA Infrastructure High
112835 All "developers" in progress QA project hierarchy should be able to change the status of "openqa-force-result" tickets same as for "action" openQA Infrastructure High
112673 Cannot send emails from o3 size:M openQA Infrastructure High
111926 osd-deployment pipeline failed: test 481 -le 0, due to job age alert, likely just the raspberry pi based tests stuck in schedule openQA Infrastructure High
111578 Recover openqaworker-arm-4/5 after "bricking" in #110545 size:M openQA Infrastructure High
114941 repository names inconsistent on o3 workers hence continuous update failed to update as "devel_openQA" as repo name is not found everywhere openQA Infrastructure Urgent
113561 failed pipelines for openQABot and bot-ng because of an expired cert openQA Infrastructure Urgent
112346 [alert] multiple alerts about "Download rate" and "Job age" on OSD 2022-06-12 size:M openQA Infrastructure Urgent
110920 Emails from o3 are rejected by for certain sender/recipients size:S openQA Infrastructure Urgent
114923 We lost multi-machine capabilities within o3 due to openqaworker1 being replaced openQA Infrastructure Immediate
114586 fix openqaworker-arm-1+2+3 recovery pipeline (was: likely stuck in reboot loop) size:M openQA Infrastructure Immediate
111446 openQA-in-openQA tests fail due to corrupted downloaded rpm auto_review:"Test died: command '.*zypper -n in os-autoinst-distri-opensuse-deps' failed at openqa//tests/install/ line 1.*":retry QA Low
114872 [tools] qam plugin throws exception in query for open requests in other groups QA Normal
112232 [tools] Multiple recurring failures due to zypper failing to download packages temporarily QA Normal
111341 Open source size:M QA Normal
110176 [spike solution] [timeboxed:10h] Restart hook script in delayed minion job based on exit code size:M QA Normal
113087 [qa-tools][qem-bot] malformed data in smelt incident causes smelt sync fail QA High
111998 Make our SLE related tooling work with upcoming changes to (2FA and ssh key based authentication) size:M QA High
111506 qa-tools: qem-bot - Development results leaked to dashboard size:M QA High
113345 qem-bot does not ignore Development/Leap job groups as it should size:M QA Urgent
112430 [qa-tools] [qem-bot] Incident schedule fails in preparation Incident instance QA Urgent
  Bugs in existing tests 2 Collapse all/Expand all
99345 [tools][qem] Incomplete test runs on s390x with auto_review:"backend died: Error connecting to VNC server.*s390.*Connection timed out":retry size:M openQA Tests High Bugs in existing tests
114944 test fails in openqa_webui due to missing Tumbleweed assets openQA Tests Urgent Bugs in existing tests
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111608 27-consoles-vnc.t 'update framebuffer' test fails on s390x (big-endian) auto_review:"(?s)s390x.*Test died: no candidate needle.*'installation'":retry openQA Project Low Concrete Bugs
111605 Moving isotovideo version patch from RPM spec to cmake made it not work in tests openQA Project Low Concrete Bugs
111602 18-qemu-options.t makes apparently unsafe assumptions about qemu behaviour with multiple params size:M openQA Project Low Concrete Bugs
114829 o3 logreport: malformed JSON string - size:S openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
114820 Error connecting to VNC over WebSockets server provided by VMWare openQA Project Normal Concrete Bugs
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