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125468 [alert] [FIRING:1] (Apache Response Time alert J5M8aX04z) then resolved itself so flaky? size:M openQA Infrastructure Normal
124146 [alert] Incomplete jobs (not restarted) of last 24h openQA Infrastructure High
125132 [alert] logrotate failed on OSD openQA Infrastructure Normal
124412 [alert] logrotate services failed on and OSD size:M openQA Infrastructure High
123232 [Alerting] failed pipelines for openQABot/ bot-ng/ os-autoinst-needles-opensuse-mirror on gitlab staging instance size:S openQA Infrastructure High
123984 [boot][pxe][sut] Machine fozzie can not boot from pxe openQA Infrastructure Normal
69310 [epic] SUSE QA tools team ticket process helpers QA Normal
106546 [epic][tools] adoption QA Normal
125663 [openqa-in-openqa][sporadic] Test is stuck on Firefox 'Make yourself at home' dialog auto_review:"Test died: no candidate needle.*openqa-logged-in.*matched" size:M openQA Project High
125810 [openqa][infra] Some SUT machines can not upload logs to worker machine size:S openQA Infrastructure Urgent
124655 [openQA][infra][pxe] Physical SUT machine can not boot from pxe and mismatch hostname openQA Infrastructure Urgent
124658 [osd-deployment] missing os-autoinst changes in deployment and changelog emails , build failure on ppc64le in OBS size:M openQA Infrastructure High
124685 [qe-tools] Make sure Power8 and Power9 machines can be used with *any* usable HMC (was: move to new size:M openQA Infrastructure Urgent
124661 [qe-tools] tftp server and directory mount issue on openQA Infrastructure High
91646 [saga][epic] SUSE Maintenance QA workflows with fully automated testing, approval and release QA Normal
123748 [tools] Add support for excluding packages from test flavor in bot config QA Normal
124233 [tools] Find more mentors for GSOC and send to organizer ddemaio size:S QA Normal
123523 [tools] osc-plugin-qam throws traceback on Tumbleweed size:M QA Normal
121612 [tools][experiment] split dev/infra work management within tools team for better focus size:M QA Normal
123508 [tools][teregen] Handle "one instance is already running" better for template generator size:M QA Low
123028 A/C broken in TAM lab size:M openQA Infrastructure High
113366 Add three more Prague located OSD workers size:M openQA Infrastructure Urgent
119161 Approval step of qem-bot says incident has failed job in incidents but it looks empty on the dashboard size:M QA Low
122656 Ask SUSE-IT network admins to *not* block this traffic which we need for tests regarding s390x within SUSE network size:M openQA Infrastructure High
125231 Automate deployment of qanet config QA Normal
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