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120468 [sporadic] Failed: os-autoinst/openqa-trigger-from-obs on master / test (7ea68e0) on CircleCI size:M QA High
121225 bot-ng - synchronize pipeline fails on GitLab size:S QA High
121699 bot-ng - approve incidents pipeline fails with 401 unauthorized on GitLab size:S QA High
123064 bot-ng - pipelines in GitLab fail to pull qam-ci-leap:latest QA High
96539 Conclude migration of QA Normal
111347 [saga][epic] Properly maintained Maintenance QA tooling QA Normal
122407 slo-gin commented about broken slo period for immediate ticket too early QA Normal
120540 [timeboxed:10h][research] Find inefficient test implementations and backend use by a "tests per hardware machine ratio" size:S QA Normal
121846 openQABot - schedule:openqabot pipeline fails on GitLab size:S QA Normal
121903 [sporadic?] CI checks failing in size:M QA Normal
122110 Fix size:S QA Normal
122308 Handle invalid openQA job references in qem-dashboard size:M QA Normal
116959 Unreliable/unusable audio connections using Jitsi instance on from Android clients size:S QA Low
123367 [tools] drop old testplatform code from teregen, repose and size:M QA Low
123508 [tools][teregen] Handle "one instance is already running" better for template generator size:M QA Low
120261 tests should try to access worker by WORKER_HOSTNAME FQDN but sometimes get 'worker2' or something auto_review:".*curl.*worker\d+:.*failed at.*":retry size:meow openQA Infrastructure Urgent
121789 MultiMachine tests lose ability to communicate openQA Infrastructure Urgent
122575 [alert] jenkins host up alert openQA Infrastructure High
123151 [Alerting] Failed systemd services alert openQA Infrastructure High
115547 openqaworker20 fails to boot, broken hardware size:M openQA Infrastructure High
123493 [Alerting] Failed systemd services alert openQA Infrastructure High
119767 Failed pipeline for "openqa-worker" in salt-states-openqa size:M openQA Infrastructure High
120807 [alert] - 100% packet loss due to outdated AAAA record openQA Infrastructure High
122158 [alert] qa-power8-4-kvm host up alert - machine not up, nothing obvious on SoL but IPMI works size:M openQA Infrastructure High
122656 Ask SUSE-IT network admins to *not* block this traffic which we need for tests regarding s390x within SUSE network size:M openQA Infrastructure High
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