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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
73639 openQA Tests Need to extend our cleanup logic for AWS entities In Progress asmorodskyi
71854 openQA Tests vault-docker requires CD New
71821 openQA Tests gke cluster detection by PCW In Progress asmorodskyi Follows #71530
71818 openQA Tests ec2 cluster detection logic need to take into account timestamp of created cluster New 2020-09-21 Follows #71530
68452 openQA Tests Show ec2 instances without vault-namespace Workable
67936 openQA Tests Delete old images from google storage New
67909 openQA Tests Adapt Vault server for Oracle Cloud New SUSE QA tests - SLE 15 SP3 Related to #67906
67906 openQA Tests OCI Integration New SUSE QA tests - SLE 15 SP3 Related to #67909
67897 openQA Tests Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration New SUSE QA tests - SLE 15 SP3
67594 openQA Tests Update namespace from kernel-qa to qa-c New
66430 openQA Tests Unify terraform output variable names Workable
66391 openQA Tests SSH port timeout error New
66215 openQA Tests Operation could not be completed as it results in exceeding approved standardDSv3Family Cores quota New
65945 openQA Tests Need to investigative use case for Mash Workable
65924 openQA Tests Investigate expert mode New
65921 openQA Tests Cover Overview page with test New
65912 openQA Tests AKS testing using BlueHorizon New
65049 openQA Tests Need to move LTP tests selection from openQA Test Suite variable to tests Workable
63604 openQA Tests Need to setup direct communication between PCW and openQA logic which trigger VMs inside CSP New
61091 openQA Tests Enable publiccloud barmetal machines New
60179 openQA Tests Enable xfstests on Public Cloud New
58649 openQA Tests Run publiccloud_fio with random machines New
58646 openQA Tests Test nvme suitable VM's on Azure New
58310 openQA Tests Refactoring of test-module call New
57878 openQA Tests Automated distribution migration across major releases In Progress jesus_bv
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