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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
75166 openQA Tests [qam] [jeos] [sprint] test fails in journalctl on JeOS 15-SP3 New ph03nix
73087 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS] softfail udisksctl times out while configuring loop device New 2020-10-23
71374 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS]disks2 test fails to wait for loop device In Progress mloviska
68842 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS][sle15.1] test fails in rsync New
68281 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS] test times out during rails package installation New
67717 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS][LTP[opensuse] - Start ltp testing in oS JeOS Workable
67591 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS] enabled debuginfo repo in kdump_and_crash New
67525 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS] Extend test coverage of glibc_locale module New
67024 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS]Disengage jeos/ and jeos/ wherever is virtio graphic driver used Workable
66613 openQA Tests [qac][jeos] extend snapper coverage with test covering correct btrfs setup New
66580 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS] test fails in pam Feedback
66565 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS][validation script] setup ServerName for apache2 New
66185 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS] validation script: rework trace searching in syslogs New
66155 openQA Tests [qac][jeos] Analyze JeOS test coverage New
66152 openQA Tests [qac][jeos] Define clear execution flow in */ New Blocks #66084
65942 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS] zypper auto refresh triggered after snapper_jeos_cli New
65268 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS][sle15.1] snapper_jeos_cli wants to execute desktop runner New
64445 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS] extend jeos testing to validate UEFI boot with secure boot Feedback mloviska
64406 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS] enable VMware test suites Feedback mloviska
63607 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS] shutdown takes a bit longer than expected New
59199 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS][sle15sp2] identify all test cases requiring registration against SDK module In Progress mloviska
57617 openQA Tests [qac][jeos] test incompletes trying to download openSUSE-Tumbleweed-JeOS.x86_64.qcow2 (was: HDD_1_URL not honored) Workable Blocks #56936
56936 openQA Tests [qac][JeOS] Test upgrade from previous released JeOS to current openQA snapshot New Blocked by #57617
42179 openQA Tests [qac][jeos] Test customized JeOS images New
37129 openQA Tests [qac][jeos] Test various licenses display Workable ccret

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