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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
106966 openQA Project [easy][beginner] Consistent key labels in investigation tab + coloring diff New QA - future
105855 openQA Project [easy][beginner] openqa-worker@.service should handle NTP unavailability gracefully Feedback cdywan QA - future 2022-06-30 Related to #111926, Copied to #113240
104631 openQA Project [easy][beginner] WebUI: No error message when putting invalid characters in machines/testsuites settings New QA - future
104013 openQA Project [easy][beginner] Have consistent labels and numbers on /admin/workers New QA - future
102551 openQA Project [easy][beginner] api/v1/jobs/overview returns wrong jobs, if a nonexisting job_group was given New QA - future
101283 openQA Project [easy][beginner] Retry if webUI times out connection yielding 408 response "Request timeout" New QA - future Related to #100859
99141 openQA Project [easy][beginner] Provide ratio of tests by result in monitoring - by machine New QA - future Copied from #99138
98730 openQA Project Check for pod2man New QA - future
98628 openQA Project [easy][beginner] $cmd_srv_port exceed 65535 New QA - future
97037 openQA Project [easy][beginner] Add User-Agent header to openqa-cli New QA - future
96404 openQA Project [beginner] Better explain in docs the first step based on os-autoinst-distri-example New QA - future
95278 openQA Project [easy][beginner] Making option to filter by job group(s) on /tests/overview more prominent New QA - future Copied from #91647
95263 openQA Project [beginner] t/44-scripts.t times out in circleCI after 420s - skip coverage analysis in this test? New QA - future
95030 openQA Project [easy][beginner] Better, complete validation of parameters on /tests/overview New QA - future Copied from #94901
94952 openQA Project [easy][beginner] Increase code coverage of os-autoinst New openQA Project - Ready
94315 openQA Project [learning][easy][beginner] Add test coverage for mouse_tclick testapi function New QA - future
93892 openQA Project [beginner][easy] Automatically validate code style for python code in openQA Workable QA - future Related to #92665
91631 openQA Project [easy][beginner][doc] document suggestions how to include test distributions in docker-compose based setup New QA - future
90341 openQA Project [easy][beginner] section numbering on Workable QA - future
81899 openQA Project [easy][beginner] Move code from isotovideo to a module size:M Workable okurz openQA Project - Ready Related to #108530
72130 openQA Project [easy][beginner] check and/or reduce runtime of t/api/04-jobs.t Workable QA - future Copied from #72127
68839 openQA Project [ui][ux][beginner] Show job group properties and template for non-admins New QA - future
68585 openQA Project [ui][ux][beginner] links to comments should ensure the comment is shown after the page is loaded, e.g. select correct paginated object Workable QA - future
65205 openQA Project [ux][ui][easy][beginner] Result filter on "All tests" page affects running and scheduled job tables Workable QA - future
64830 openQA Project [ux][ui][easy][beginner] limit "keep_logs_in_days" to "keep_results_in_days" in webUI Workable QA - future Copied from #64824
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