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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
9774 openQA Tests 'Tiered Staging' - eg. YaST staging Resolved coolo
17734 openQA Project "autoneedler" mode New QA - future
9760 openQA Project "Finish Testing a Build" (aka Un-Obsolete) and "Retest entire build" Resolved okurz openQA Project - Milestone 1 Blocked by #11072
9504 openQA Tests [desktop]Remote Desktop Testing Resolved qkzhu Related to #33493
17728 openQA Project [epic] Support causing openvswitch failures to test failure conditions Rejected okurz QA - future
9576 openQA Tests [epic][opensuse][sle][functional][y] VNC+SSH Installations Resolved riafarov QA - future 2020-03-24 Related to #7614, Related to #66394, Blocked by #30892
19158 openQA Tests [functional] nvme installation scenario Resolved RBrownSUSE
13040 openQA Tests [functional][epic][u]more flexible console test selection by addons, testsuite variable, etc. (was: Run zypper lifecycle more selectively) Rejected QA - future Related to #15132, Blocked by #14692
19108 openQA Tests [functional][labs]Set back ix64ph044 until it is needed for something Resolved nicksinger openQA Project - Milestone 14 2018-03-13
45938 openQA Tests [functional][u] disk_boot test in Kubic textmode scenarios fail after 09th Jan Resolved okurz SUSE QA - Milestone 22
21838 openQA Project [functional][u][saga] PowerVM backend Closed nicksinger SUSE QA - Milestone 18 2018-07-31 Related to #32437, Related to #28869, Related to #33340, Blocked by #33337, Blocks #33388, Blocked by #38513, Precedes #33697
38615 openQA Tests [functional][y][epic] New Installation Workflow - SLE 15 style system roles for openSUSE Resolved JERiveraMoya SUSE QA - Milestone 19 2018-10-09
45770 openQA Tests [functional][y][opensuse] test separate home for TW and leap 15.1 Resolved oorlov SUSE QA - Milestone 23 2019-03-12 Related to #46259, Related to #47447, Related to #49028
9498 openQA Tests [functional]Advanced Handling of Dependency issues Resolved openQA Project - Milestone 10
18180 openQA Tests [ha][tools]change HA tests to use openvswitch configuration Resolved ldevulder Related to #15416
17738 openQA Tests [hackweek]Continue working on testcase generator for openQA Rejected RBrownSUSE
37552 openQA Tests [kubic][caasp] runc tests should not be installing runc Resolved pgeorgiadis
34090 openQA Tests [microos] New Kubic Installation Workflow - no check for small disks Rejected
11000 openQA Tests [Migration] migrations - upgrades with modules Resolved mitiao openQA Project - Milestone 6 Related to #10996, Has duplicate #15570
19540 openQA Tests [migration] register_system types too fast for ppc64le Resolved mitiao
90513 openQA Tests [opensuse][qac][containers] test fails in buildah_podman and buildah_docker Resolved favogt
9502 openQA Tests [opensuse][sle][functional][u][hard]Salt multi-machine test Rejected mgriessmeier QA - future Blocked by #30892
9670 openQA Tests [opensuse][sle][functional]udev testing Rejected okurz QA - future
117688 openQA Tests [qe-core] test fails in steam Resolved favogt
117457 openQA Tests [security] test fails in manually_add_profile_ncurses Resolved pstivanin
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