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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
43973 openQA Project WebUI produces invalid links for builds with multiple distris Resolved mkittler openQA Project - Current Sprint
23914 openQA Project [tools][dashboard] Tests overview only shows one distri Resolved mkittler Related to #13712
21838 openQA Project [functional][u][saga] PowerVM backend Closed nicksinger SUSE QA - Milestone 18 2018-07-31 Related to #32437, Related to #33340, Blocked by #33337, Blocks #33388, Blocked by #38513, Precedes #33697
20606 openQA Project [tools][sprint 201709.2][sprint 201710.1]Disable live log view by default Resolved mkittler openQA Project - Milestone 10 Related to #25814
20004 openQA Project [tools][infrastructure] - fix or retire Resolved nicksinger
19706 openQA Project [tools] Support latest SuperMicro X10 IPMI iKVM Rejected
19552 openQA Project [tools] Tune up ppc64le workers/enable multi-host ppc64 workers for YaST testing Resolved RBrownSUSE openQA Project - Milestone 9
19542 openQA Project avoid type_string taking "too long" Resolved asmorodskyi openQA Project - Done
19194 openQA Project [tools] figure out why QA-Power8-5-kvm fails more than malbec Resolved RBrownSUSE openQA Project - Milestone 8 Related to #19252, Related to #19414, Related to #19230, Related to #19410, Precedes #18924
18988 openQA Project [tools] nvme backend enablement Resolved EDiGiacinto openQA Project - Milestone 7
18826 openQA Project [tools] Investigate serial over lan disconnects for ipmi Resolved RBrownSUSE openQA Project - Milestone 7
18646 openQA Project [tools] No CoW for cache/pool if btrfs Resolved coolo openQA Project - Milestone 7
18178 openQA Project [tools] salt br0, br2, br3 and /etc/qemu-tap scripts from openqaworker3 Resolved RBrownSUSE
18144 openQA Project [tools] restart ipmi management controller before every ipmi job Resolved RBrownSUSE openQA Project - Milestone 7 Related to #17816, Related to #13914
17922 openQA Project [tools] investigate openqa core dumps Rejected
17734 openQA Project "autoneedler" mode New QA - future
17732 openQA Project [tools]tmpfiles.d configuration Rejected
17730 openQA Project Investigate/implement twopence backend Rejected QA - future
17728 openQA Project [epic] Support causing openvswitch failures to test failure conditions Rejected okurz QA - future
12130 openQA Project [tools]'Proper Interactive Mode' - Making openQA gods gift to developers Resolved QA - future Related to #14668
12126 openQA Project Previous results does not show softfails Resolved mkittler
11962 openQA Project Apparmor gets in the way of database upgrade by openqa-webui Rejected RBrownSUSE
10680 openQA Project Use Virgil to test 3d accelerated graphics in openQA Rejected okurz QA - future
10210 openQA Project Different classes of softfails, e.g. "softfail" needle Resolved Has duplicate #12168
9760 openQA Project "Finish Testing a Build" (aka Un-Obsolete) and "Retest entire build" Resolved okurz openQA Project - Milestone 1 Blocked by #11072
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