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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
6070 openQA Project Validation Testing - Multipath/iSCSI Closed
6330 openQA Project Validation Tests - RAID0 test doesn't test RAID0 Resolved
7194 openQA Project No way of getting to the test results from the openQA homepage Resolved
7302 openQA Project Build Results page don't always show latest results for the build Resolved
7600 openQA Project sle12 - activate ppc64le jobs Closed
8358 openQA Project client script encapuslation of URLs Resolved
9474 qe-yam Test accessibility New QA - future
9490 openQA Tests Make the Sikuli test cases possible running inside openQA Rejected QA - future
9498 openQA Tests [functional]Advanced Handling of Dependency issues Resolved openQA Project - Milestone 10
9542 openQA Project Public Asset List Rejected
9672 openQA Tests [sles][functional][ha] Fast HA/Addon Testing (Based on Existing Image) Resolved
9678 openQA Tests qa_automation kernel testing Closed
10092 openQA Tests When Creating Disk Image, write some metadata before uploading Rejected QA - future
10210 openQA Project Different classes of softfails, e.g. "softfail" needle Resolved Has duplicate #12168
11518 openQA Tests [sle] Mark used SLE SCC Codes New QA - future
12130 openQA Project [tools]'Proper Interactive Mode' - Making openQA gods gift to developers Resolved QA - future Related to #14668
13040 openQA Tests [functional][epic][u]more flexible console test selection by addons, testsuite variable, etc. (was: Run zypper lifecycle more selectively) Rejected QA - future Related to #15132, Blocked by #14692
17730 openQA Project Investigate/implement twopence backend Rejected QA - future
17732 openQA Project [tools]tmpfiles.d configuration Rejected
17734 openQA Project "autoneedler" mode New QA - future
17752 openQA Tests [sle][sles][functional] kdump tests Resolved Related to #16436
17922 openQA Project [tools] investigate openqa core dumps Rejected
19706 openQA Project [tools] Support latest SuperMicro X10 IPMI iKVM Rejected
34090 openQA Tests [microos] New Kubic Installation Workflow - no check for small disks Rejected
117559 openQA Tests test fails in server [samba] Rejected
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