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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
9502 openQA Tests [opensuse][sle][functional][u][hard]Salt multi-machine test Rejected mgriessmeier QA - future Blocked by #30892
9504 openQA Tests [desktop]Remote Desktop Testing Resolved qkzhu Related to #33493
9506 openQA Tests Modules - SLE WE Resolved okurz
9524 openQA Tests Additional JeOS Tests Resolved mkravec
9542 openQA Project Public Asset List Rejected
9544 openQA Project Build Tagging Resolved okurz Precedes #11052, Copied to #11072
9546 openQA Project New Backend - Generic KVM over IP Backend Resolved coolo openQA Project - Milestone 1
9570 openQA Tests Boot to Snapshot Resolved RBrownSUSE openQA Project - Milestone 1
9572 openQA Tests [sles][functional][autoyast][yast][y][epic]AutoYaST testing - build autoyast.xml and then test Resolved riafarov SUSE QA - Milestone 17 2018-07-03
9574 openQA Tests Autoyast over network installs Resolved mkravec
9576 openQA Tests [epic][opensuse][sle][functional][y] VNC+SSH Installations Resolved riafarov QA - future 2020-03-24 Related to #7614, Related to #66394, Blocked by #30892
9580 openQA Tests Boot to snapshot after upgrade and then rollback Resolved okurz openQA Project - Milestone 1 Blocks #13156, Copied to #12964
9582 openQA Tests s390x - Get it to check grub as part of grub_test Rejected mgriessmeier
9584 openQA Project Use VirtIO RNG Closed lnussel openQA Project - Milestone 1
9590 openQA Tests [sle][sled] Laptop tests for SLED Resolved qkzhu Related to #69700
9666 openQA Tests Add-On installs over Network Resolved dzedro openQA Project - Milestone 1
9670 openQA Tests [opensuse][sle][functional]udev testing Rejected okurz QA - future
9672 openQA Tests [sles][functional][ha] Fast HA/Addon Testing (Based on Existing Image) Resolved
9674 openQA Tests [sles][functional][s390x] test an existing installation Resolved riafarov openQA Project - Milestone 11 2017-11-08 Blocked by #12330, Blocked by #12922, Blocks #13216
9678 openQA Tests qa_automation kernel testing Closed
9680 openQA Project libvirt backend Resolved coolo
9682 openQA Tests udev tidy up as part of image creation Resolved nadvornik
9684 openQA Tests test that cnf/command-not-found works Resolved dheidler
9694 openQA Tests Many users dm testing Resolved dheidler Related to #29986
9712 openQA Tests ppc64le - SDK+allpatterns needs more space Resolved mkravec openQA Project - Milestone 2 Blocked by #9714
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