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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
43112 openQA Project Enhancement for overview page(s): show blocked in /tests/overview as well; rethink color choice for blocked Resolved mkittler openQA Project - Done
43037 openQA Tests [virtualization] test fails in guest_installation_run Resolved
43034 openQA Tests [virtualization] PVUSB_DEVICE is not properly set in workers.ini. Resolved xlai
41999 openQA Tests [kernel][hpc] test fails in releasenotes - needs adaptions Resolved
41681 openQA Tests [desktop][sporadic][virtio] test fails in window_system to open windows or type correctly - related to wayland/virtio? Resolved GraceWang Related to #42362
39797 openQA Tests [functional][y][fast] test fails in welcome - necessary adaptions to new system_role code Resolved JERiveraMoya SUSE QA - Milestone 18 2018-08-28 Related to #38711
39749 openQA Tests [kernel] wrong "start-after" reference kills testcase Resolved openQA Project - Done 2018-08-20
39716 openQA Tests [migration][functional][u][user_regressions] SLE 15 SP1 testsuites using SLE 15 isos and repositories, variable setting error Resolved szarate SUSE QA - Milestone 20 Related to #40349
39662 openQA Tests test fails in prepare_qa_repo Resolved SLindoMansilla 2018-08-13
39659 openQA Tests [migration] test fails in upgrade_select Rejected 2018-08-20
39650 openQA Tests [functional][y][migration] test fails in addon_products_sle Resolved riafarov 2018-11-20
39644 openQA Tests [virtualization] test fails in guest_installation_run; Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at virt_autotest_base Resolved 2018-08-20

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