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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
11800 openQA Tests Feature 320292: ALPN support for openssl Resolved michalnowak openQA Project - Milestone 3
11804 openQA Tests Feature 320678: GCC 4.8 on SDK for AArch64 Resolved okurz openQA Project - Milestone 3
13750 openQA Tests HPC Module Resolved mgriessmeier openQA Project - Milestone 3
10832 openQA Tests [sle][sled]Dual-boot installation testing for SLED12 (SP2) Resolved GraceWang
11572 openQA Tests Toolchain Module on aarch 64 Resolved okurz
11792 openQA Tests Feature 313516: implement image based snapshotting for btrfs analog to zfs send/receive Resolved mkravec
12908 openQA Tests Feature 318875 and 320919: Add Saltstack to the Advanced Systems Management Module Resolved
11794 openQA Tests Feature 319335: VNC: Secondary viewonly password Resolved mkravec
11798 openQA Tests Feature 319981: ACPI Support for AArch64 Resolved mkravec
15110 openQA Tests [Online migration] SLES and SLED: SP2->SP3 Resolved mitiao Related to #14718
34411 openQA Tests [sle][migration] Bsc#1086818 Migration: new modules not correctly added Resolved leli Related to #34069
43724 openQA Tests [sle][security] Bug 1110700 - remove non-enterprise server nproc limits in /etc/security/limits.conf Resolved whdu
47195 openQA Tests [sle][migration][functional][u][epic] check for SLE installation tests Resolved mgriessmeier SUSE QA - Milestone 28
14774 openQA Tests [sle][functional][yast][y] Disconnected installation: grab release notes while a system is not plugged into network takes too long Resolved riafarov SUSE QA - Milestone 25 Related to #29042, Related to #37814, Related to #44012, Blocked by #43856
25722 openQA Tests [migration] a simple installation with SMT Resolved JWSun openQA Project - Milestone 16 Related to #23564, Related to #26966
15306 openQA Tests [sles][functional]Feature 322050: Release lifecycle data for Toolchain Module Resolved riafarov openQA Project - Milestone 9
14720 openQA Tests [migration][sp3][aarch64] add offline migration scenarios SP2->SP3 for aarch64 Resolved mitiao openQA Project - Milestone 8 Blocked by #11948
17042 openQA Tests [sles][functional][modules] Modules installation Resolved dgutu openQA Project - Milestone 8
15112 openQA Tests [Migration] SLES: minimal necessary patches Resolved mitiao openQA Project - Milestone 6 Related to #10996, Related to #16718
15546 openQA Tests [Migration] Combine both online and offline upgrades into one jobgroup Resolved mitiao openQA Project - Milestone 6
14718 openQA Tests [Migration] [SP3]add offline migration scenarios SP2->SP3 for x86_64 and ppc64le Resolved dgutu openQA Project - Milestone 5 Related to #15110
9594 openQA Tests SLERT 12 SP1 Installation testing Resolved dzedro openQA Project - Milestone 1
11444 openQA Tests Feature 318101: Show user defined comments in grub2 menu for snapshots Closed dgutu openQA Project - Milestone 3
11510 openQA Tests SLE HA - add system role Closed openQA Project - Milestone 3
104223 qe-yam Remove soft-fail when bug was fixed Closed JRivrain qe-yam - Current
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