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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
48728 openSUSE admin 2019-04-02 18:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting April 2019 Closed opensuse-admin
45305 openSUSE admin hefurd on pontifex2.i.o.o is spamming the logs Closed
40574 openSUSE admin Email: tls configuration for anna/elsa Resolved pjessen
40304 openSUSE admin lnt.o.o https issue Closed tampakrap
40301 openSUSE admin lnt.o.o times out after 60s Closed tampakrap
40025 openSUSE admin cookies sent by {www,news,lizards,bugzilla,forums}.o.o break freeipa.i.o.o login, paste.o.o and specific links on monitor.o.o Closed cboltz
32902 openSUSE admin keepalived monitoring check on anna/elsa is broken after today's update Closed mcaj
32026 openSUSE admin progress.i.o.o needs a logrotate rule for redmine logs Closed tampakrap
30322 openSUSE admin move the static.o.o content to a combined repository Closed tampakrap
30319 openSUSE admin move shop.o.o away from community.i.o.o Closed tampakrap
30316 openSUSE admin move fontinfo to a new VM In Progress lrupp
30298 openSUSE admin adjust monitoring due to ntp -> chrony move Closed AdaLovelace
28902 openSUSE admin get rid of svn.o.o Rejected
27494 openSUSE admin merge request info from gitlab to IRC Rejected
27235 openSUSE admin shows 404 Resolved dimstar 2017-11-03
25300 openSUSE admin saltstack: mention fork owner and pending upstream PRs on Closed tampakrap
21016 openSUSE admin add ipv6 to the openvpn servers Closed lrupp
20828 openSUSE admin gitlab.o.o: mail reply to tickets/MRs Closed tampakrap
20794 openSUSE admin get rid of the shuttle net address on baloo Resolved pjessen
18438 openSUSE admin saltstack: handle rsyslog Closed tampakrap
18436 openSUSE admin saltstack: minion service interval should be 30mins Rejected tampakrap
18434 openSUSE admin saltstack: CI tests Closed tampakrap
18432 openSUSE admin saltstack: result reports of salt run on minions Rejected tampakrap
18430 openSUSE admin saltstack: auto-clean unmanaged repositories Rejected tampakrap
18284 openSUSE admin redmine+admin@o.o unsubscribed from admin@o.o mailing list due to bouncing Closed
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