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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
100991 openQA Tests [desktop] test fails in libreoffice_open_specified_file Rejected
100479 openQA Tests test fails in podman_image Rejected
99435 openQA Tests [desktop] test needs ajustements for gnote 41 Rejected
98424 openQA Tests [security] test fails in openssl_fips_alglist Rejected
94225 openQA Tests test fails in libqca2: no plugins installed Rejected
91019 openQA Tests [opensuse][qac][jeos] kdump_and_crash: yast asks for more packages to be installed Rejected
89527 openQA Tests [opensuse][qe-core] test fails in hwsim_wpa2_enterprise_setup Rejected Related to #93644
81194 openQA Tests [qac] test fails in podman: pull from dockerhub is rate limited Rejected
65334 openQA Tests dracut 050: different output Rejected
61704 openQA Tests [functional][u] wine: new dialog to install gecko engine - workaround for product issue? Rejected
57731 openQA Tests [migration] test fails in oscap_remediating_online Rejected Related to #57842
56150 openQA Tests test fails in gimp Rejected Is duplicate of #43889
56102 openQA Tests mdadm: pattern 1.5GiB not found (printed 1.51 GiB) Rejected Is duplicate of #56069
54821 openQA Tests New LibreOffice version: new 'Tip of the day' dialog Rejected Is duplicate of #54722
53057 openQA Tests test fails in nautilus_open_ftp Rejected
39077 openQA Tests Changed boot order results in @USB tests not to boot Rejected
36231 openQA Tests [microos] Kubic tests: repos pointing to Rejected
32326 openQA Tests zypper_moo: expected output no longer matches reality Rejected Is duplicate of #32302
31921 openQA Tests [kernel][network]Wicked fails the newly added dhcp test on o3 Rejected openQA Project - Milestone 15 Related to #30892, Related to #31852
31024 openQA Tests [tw] yast2_ntpclient: wrong shortcut pressed to toggle without_daemon Rejected
26092 openQA Tests [functional][tw][u][medium]new test for npapi plugins using epiphany (was: firefox_java no longer applicable on Tumbleweed) Rejected QA - future
25576 openQA Tests [tw]test fails in kdump_and_crash (reboot not happening) Rejected
18730 openQA Project openqaworker1 is causing weird test failures Rejected Related to #17574
18650 openSUSE Release Process Improve throughput for packages with .changes entries only (e.g. added bug refs) Rejected
17928 openQA Tests test fails in installation for autoyast_reinstall_gnome@64bit to download a file from openQA itself (404) while file should be there Rejected Is duplicate of #17812
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