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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
25444 openQA Tests [opensuse]firefox_java: define needles for 'firefox_clean' Closed vsvecova
123828 openSUSE admin metrics.o.o: no OSRT:Review graphs New witekbedyk Related to #123133
120984 openQA Tests assert_script_sudo does not see result Resolved ybonatakis
64102 openQA Tests [functional][y] test fails in autoyast_smoke Resolved ybonatakis 2020-03-24
51638 openQA Tests [functional][y] test fails in yast2_lan_restart Resolved ybonatakis
104481 openQA Tests [desktop][tw] test fails in ooffice Closed zcjia
99651 openQA Tests [desktop] test fails in login_test: autologin not being diabled Rejected zcjia
62060 openQA Tests [desktop] libreoffice_mainmenu_components: Test needs to be reviewed for LO 6.4 Resolved zcjia
120834 openQA Tests [qe-core] tomcat: login to example app fails Resolved zluo
80102 openQA Tests [desktop][qe-core][opensuse] test fails in tracker_search_in_nautilus Rejected zluo
59867 openQA Tests [functional][u] New plasma_browser_integration test is unstable Resolved zluo Related to #60236
54401 openQA Tests [functional][u][sporadic] test fails in firefox_audio - Workaround mistyping issue executing firefox on an audio file Resolved zluo
54056 openQA Tests [functional][u] test fails in virtman_view Resolved zluo Related to #55703
26898 openQA Tests [sle][functional][opensuse]boot_to_snapshot: test fails in first_boot Resolved zluo Related to #25658
113492 qe-yam Create equivalent yast2_firewall test module based on libyui-rest-api Resolved coolgw qe-yam - Current
121948 qe-yam yast2_rmt not build for i586 Resolved geor qe-yam - Current
110473 qe-yam System role cannot be selected in a remote vnc installation in Tumbleweed due to graphical issues Closed JERiveraMoya qe-yam - Current Related to #112775
104926 qe-yam Upgrade on encrypted disk: UI change Closed JERiveraMoya qe-yam - Current
124433 qe-yam drop test yast2_http: yast module has been removed Resolved leli qe-yam - Current Related to #119455
123924 qe-yam Drop yast2-sound Resolved rainerkoenig qe-yam - Current
102557 qe-yam test fails in yast2_system_settings Closed rainerkoenig qe-yam - Current
123739 qe-yam Default config now written to /etc/chrony.d/pools Resolved shukui qe-yam - Current
61085 openQA Infrastructure New Tumbleweed Snapshot (20191216) does not show up on QA Resolved okurz openQA Project - Current Sprint
34123 openQA Tests [kernel]wicked_basic: invalid bash syntax Resolved asmorodskyi openQA Project - Done
19672 openQA Project GRU may delete assets while jobs are registered Resolved coolo openQA Project - Done Related to #28328, Related to #45041, Related to #64544
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