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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
28803 openQA Tests [opensuse][functional][y][yast][tw]yast2_proxy failure Resolved okurz openQA Project - Milestone 15 2018-03-27 Has duplicate #30547
28757 openQA Tests [functional][sporadic][easy]mediacheck: fails to move selection Resolved openQA Project - Milestone 12
28657 openQA Tests [functional]Amarok rather frequently fails test Resolved zluo openQA Project - Milestone 12 2018-01-16 Related to #25894
27774 openQA Tests [tw] Evolution Test 'sometimes' fails to close evolution Resolved
27199 openQA Tests [tw] Upgrade tests from 12.x to TW - out of disk space Resolved
27142 openQA Tests [tw] not found Resolved asmorodskyi
27050 openQA Tests [tw][functional][u] New test: show manpage of journalctl Resolved SLindoMansilla SUSE QA - Milestone 21+
27038 openQA Tests Kubic: Tumbleweed is an invalid version Resolved mkravec
26986 openQA Tests AutoYast opensuse_minimal waiting for confirmation Resolved riafarov
26978 openQA Tests autoyast/gnome installation stuck on grub Resolved JERiveraMoya openQA Project - Milestone 11 2017-11-08 Related to #25658
26972 openQA Tests [functional][sporadic][medium]user_gui_login/gdm: no mouse, resulting in no mouse-over user selection Resolved qkzhu openQA Project - Milestone 13 2018-01-02 Copied from #26970
26970 openQA Tests [functional]user_gui_login/sddm: password frequently mistyped Resolved dimstar openQA Project - Milestone 12 Copied to #26972
26898 openQA Tests [sle][functional][opensuse]boot_to_snapshot: test fails in first_boot Resolved zluo Related to #25658
26380 openQA Tests updates_packagekit_gpk often times out Closed
26104 openQA Tests test fails in yast2_lang Resolved riafarov Related to #25634, Related to #27004
26092 openQA Tests [functional][tw][u][medium]new test for npapi plugins using epiphany (was: firefox_java no longer applicable on Tumbleweed) Rejected QA - future
25908 openQA Tests mysql_odbc can't work on i586 Resolved emiura
25894 openQA Tests [sle][functional][opensuse]Mistyping in openQA again? - in kde Resolved okurz openQA Project - Milestone 12 Related to #26852, Related to #28657, Related to #35641
25876 openQA Tests test fails in gnucash Resolved okurz
25654 openQA Tests firefox_audio: address frequently mistyped Resolved okurz
25576 openQA Tests [tw]test fails in kdump_and_crash (reboot not happening) Rejected
25446 openQA Tests [sle][functional][gnome]multi_user_dm needs adaptation Resolved riafarov 2017-10-25 Related to #25726
25444 openQA Tests [opensuse]firefox_java: define needles for 'firefox_clean' Closed vsvecova
25404 openQA Tests [opensuse][o3]openQA's failure rate on typing commands increased again Resolved SLindoMansilla
23446 openQA Tests [tw] gnome-control-center test needs update for 3.26 Resolved dimstar
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