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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
20420 openSUSE Release Process Delete requests need to be handled better Resolved mlin7442
20190 openQA Tests [tumbleweed] enlightenment_first_start does no longer show 'language' selection Resolved SLindoMansilla
19854 openQA Tests [regression][tw] minimalx-image fails to shut down Resolved michalnowak
19504 openQA Tests [opensuse][kubic]openSUSE Kubic needs to be setup for testing Resolved RBrownSUSE
19446 openQA Tests [tw] test fails in snapper_cleanup since SNAPPER_NODBUS was set to 1 Resolved michalnowak Related to #19804
19380 openQA Tests [opensuse][tw]test fails in btrfs_qgroups trying to list partitions, timing out after 90 seconds -> acceptable? Rejected okurz Related to #19056
19226 openQA Project [regression] script run dies Resolved okurz Related to #19224
18996 openQA Tests test fails in setup_zdup (all zdup tests apparently) Resolved okurz Related to #18964
18984 openQA Tests test fails in java - java-1_9_0 was renamed to java-9* (currently -9-internal) Resolved riafarov
18940 openQA Tests [opensuse][migration]low disk space warnings on upgrade test from 13.1 to Tumbleweed Resolved okurz Related to #16016
18858 openQA Tests test fails in installer_desktopselection Resolved mlin7442
18824 openQA Tests [opensuse]test fails in yast2_dns_server on dialog "saving configuration failed" Resolved okurz
18730 openQA Project openqaworker1 is causing weird test failures Rejected Related to #17574
18650 openSUSE Release Process Improve throughput for packages with .changes entries only (e.g. added bug refs) Rejected
17934 openQA Tests Live installer: fix installation, fails due to different shortkeys for next button Resolved riafarov
17930 openQA Tests test fails in installation_overview - desktop selection does not work for lxde/xfce (and anything non gnome/kde/minimalx/textmode) Resolved mlin7442
17928 openQA Tests test fails in installation for autoyast_reinstall_gnome@64bit to download a file from openQA itself (404) while file should be there Rejected Is duplicate of #17812
17926 openQA Tests [tools]Tumbleweed upgrade tests have download.o.o repos enabled Rejected Related to #18070, Is duplicate of #17436, Blocks #12280
17780 openSUSE admin Change mirror registration for LeaseWeb Resolved maxmaher
17746 Staging project workflow delete requests: impact is not properly analysed and presented Resolved
17688 Staging project workflow Delete request impact /snapshot repository too Resolved
17612 openQA Tests test fails in livecd_network_settings Resolved favogt 2017-03-13
17424 Staging project workflow Delete requests can wrongly end up in adi stagings New
17422 Staging project workflow Staging accept fails on delete requests of pkg with > 1 spec file New
17212 openQA Tests test fails in textinfo on trying to tar changing files Resolved okurz
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