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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
105768 openQA Tests nginx fails to reload (new test) Resolved pdostal Related to #105786
73624 qe-yam nis_client: missing package Resolved syrianidou_sofia SUSE QA - SLE 15 SP3
101448 openQA Tests o3 performance oddities Rejected
73606 openQA Infrastructure o3: multimachine tests all incomplete early Resolved favogt
91085 openQA Tests oomath: frequent failures Resolved okurz
5420 openQA Project openQA considers previously 'failed' tests now as 'incomplete' Resolved coolo openQA Project - Sprint 12
66283 openQA Tests openqa_bootstrap_container: apache not responding Resolved dheidler
120315 openQA Project openqa-client does not get complete asset list size:S Resolved okurz openQA Project - Ready Related to #114421, Related to #120841, Copied to #120336
18730 openQA Project openqaworker1 is causing weird test failures Rejected Related to #17574
14036 openQA Tests openSUSE 12.3 disk image: invalid usernames Closed Is duplicate of #12830
58577 openQA Tests opensuse-welcome not handled in multi_users_dm Resolved StefanBruens Related to #55661
96641 openQA Tests ovs_server: failed to create directory: already exists Resolved favogt
103524 openQA Infrastructure OW1: performance loss size:M Resolved mkittler openQA Project - Ready Related to #103581, Has duplicate #107017, Copied to #107017
112262 openQA Tests Package renamed: docker-distribution-registry -> distribution-registry Resolved jlausuch
13108 openSUSE admin not functional Resolved _miska_
123855 openQA Tests podman_3rd_party_images: not able to pull ubuntu images Closed
15496 openQA Project qemu -vga qlx support Resolved Related to #21786, Related to #27062, Related to #53339
88389 openQA Project qemu unexpected result: Could not set up host forwarding rule - auto_review:"Could not set up host forwarding rule":retry New QA - future
95789 openQA Tests Regressions from os-autoinst/os-autoinst-distri-opensuse/pull/12883 Resolved GraceWang
110563 openQA Tests remote_{ssh,vnc}-controller: failure when restarting network Resolved pdostal Related to #105295
94483 openQA Tests repo-bleed: test fails in install_ltp Resolved
14968 openSUSE Release Process repo-checker can miss cycles Rejected mlin7442
5904 Staging project workflow repo-checker needs to check for duplicate binary package names New aplanas
15016 openSUSE Release Process repo-checker: give heads-up (manual ack needed) for new deps in ring0 Rejected
6258 Staging project workflow repo-checker: need a way to accept new edges Rejected aplanas
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