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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
115133 openQA Tests [desktop] windows_client_remotelogin: Windows desktop does not appear New
101201 openQA Tests [desktop] Wrong keyboardd sequence in xfce4_appfinder ? Rejected
98646 openQA Tests [desktop] xfce-live: frequent fails in firefox_audio Resolved
66099 openQA Tests [desktop][gnome3.36] application_starts_on_login: autostarted app is not stealing focus Resolved ggardet_arm
93315 openQA Tests [desktop][opensuse] hexchat: connection issues to Resolved Related to #92080, Related to #88930
91091 openQA Tests [desktop][opensuse] nautilus: test adjustments for GNOME 40 Resolved
71932 openQA Tests [desktop][opensuse]tracker_by_command: migration to tracker 3 Resolved GraceWang Related to #97940
80102 openQA Tests [desktop][qe-core][opensuse] test fails in tracker_search_in_nautilus Rejected zluo
81312 openQA Tests [desktop][qe-core][opensuse][sporadic] gnome: keymap_or_locale_x11 very unreliable Resolved
101752 openQA Tests [desktop][qe-core]updates_packagekit_gpk needs stability improvement New
103867 openQA Tests [desktop][tw] firefox fails on GNOME Live image Resolved
104481 openQA Tests [desktop][tw] test fails in ooffice Closed zcjia
103131 openQA Tests [desktop][tw][kde] test fails in kontact Resolved
87680 openQA Tests [desktop][tw]test fails in windows_network_setup Resolved GraceWang
66149 openQA Tests [desktop][u] seahorse 3.36 needs test adjustments Resolved zluo SUSE QA - Milestone 30 Related to #89422
105355 openQA Tests [desktop]Use NetworkManager as default in Tumbleweed New
98343 openQA Tests [dsesktop] test fails in shutdown Resolved GraceWang Related to #101503
38468 openQA Tests [functional] test fails in mysql_srv Resolved riafarov 2018-07-31
40409 openQA Tests [functional][fast][u] test fails in keyboard_layout_gnome Resolved nicksinger 2018-09-11
34360 openQA Tests [functional][fast][y][easy] zypper_info causes some more fallouts Resolved riafarov 2018-04-10
31480 openQA Tests [functional][fast]KDE Live / install: fails to initiate reboot Resolved okurz openQA Project - Milestone 14 2018-02-13 Related to #31720
31720 openQA Tests [functional][opensuse][fast][easy] Live images fail to shut down Resolved riafarov openQA Project - Milestone 14 2018-02-27 Related to #31480
33508 openQA Tests [functional][opensuse][investigation][u][easy] zdup 13.1->TW seems to result in problem with PackageKit Resolved dheidler openQA Project - Milestone 15 2018-04-10
34381 openQA Tests [functional][opensuse][u][fast] live_installation: 'full screen' often not happening Resolved oorlov SUSE QA - Milestone 17 2018-05-08
30547 openQA Tests [functional][opensuse][yast] test fails in yast2_proxy Rejected riafarov openQA Project - Milestone 15 2018-04-10 Is duplicate of #28803
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