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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
10760 openQA Tests grub_test: correct way to cancel GRUB_TIMEOUT Resolved okurz
13964 openQA Tests hexchat test unreliable Resolved coolo
15448 openSUSE Release Process Hole in ths staging process: issues can be missed Resolved mlin7442
49499 openQA Tests html5test.o.o not reachable from SUT Closed
38975 openQA Tests I/O error writing out to serial port Rejected okurz
16102 openSUSE Release Process idea: assist OBS with the aggregates in Ring0 Closed mlin7442
18650 openSUSE Release Process Improve throughput for packages with .changes entries only (e.g. added bug refs) Rejected
110211 openQA Tests JeOS also changed to NetworkManager Resolved
112700 openQA Tests JeOS firstrun: license no longer shown Resolved mloviska
120318 openQA Tests JeOS images have been renamed to Minimal Resolved favogt
10446 openQA Project job fails when admin deletes needles Resolved mkittler
14040 openQA Tests kde-sddm test failure Resolved
71782 openQA Tests Kde/wayland tests stall on try switch Resolved
120214 openQA Tests kiwi-templates-JeOS is renamed to kiwi-template-Minimal Resolved
38048 openQA Tests Kubic: Adaption needed for control changes (no more partitioning) Resolved RBrownSUSE
55229 openQA Tests Kubic: select_role needs to scroll Resolved riafarov
35482 openQA Tests Kubic: timezone is no longer fixed on UTC Rejected mkravec
31948 openQA Tests kubic: transactional update tests fail Resolved mkravec
27038 openQA Tests Kubic: Tumbleweed is an invalid version Resolved mkravec
8498 Staging project workflow Leap 42: update crawler replaces SP1 packages with GA:Updates Resolved
17934 openQA Tests Live installer: fix installation, fails due to different shortkeys for next button Resolved riafarov
53054 openQA Tests Live_Install test not prepared for potential Updates in the TW:Update channel Resolved okurz
14578 openQA Project logs do not tell what is missing on 'setup failure' (was: All 42.1 to Tumbleweed updates fail to setup) Resolved AdamWill
57671 openQA Tests Lost 42.2 base disk images needed for update tests Resolved okurz
56102 openQA Tests mdadm: pattern 1.5GiB not found (printed 1.51 GiB) Rejected Is duplicate of #56069
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