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# Project Subject Status Assignee Target version Due date Related issues
53288 openQA Tests [opensuse][kde] Upgrade popups confuse KDE Tests Resolved favogt
53117 openQA Tests [opensuse][kde] Dolphin quite frequently has trouble Resolved StefanBruens Has duplicate #53183
53057 openQA Tests test fails in nautilus_open_ftp Rejected
53054 openQA Tests Live_Install test not prepared for potential Updates in the TW:Update channel Resolved okurz
52400 openQA Tests test fails in dracut Resolved pstivanin
51986 openQA Tests [network] test fails in wicked/before_test Resolved cfconrad
51650 openQA Tests [functional][u] test fails in test_results - expecting bootloader to be passed, still running but also no autoinst-log.txt found Resolved dheidler
51638 openQA Tests [functional][y] test fails in yast2_lan_restart Resolved ybonatakis
51635 openQA Tests [network] test fails in t08_setup_second_card Resolved okurz Related to #52499, Blocked by #52559
51110 openQA Tests [functional][u] test fails in yast2_control_center (fonts module dropped) Resolved dimstar
49937 openQA Tests [qam] [tumbleweed] [security] test fails in apache2_changehat & usr_sbin_smbd Resolved llzhao
49814 openQA Tests [opensuse] openQA test fails in gnote_link_note - GNOTE 3.32 - Test Adjusments Resolved SLindoMansilla
49688 openQA Tests [functional][y] Review the yast2_i module Resolved mloviska 2019-04-23
49499 openQA Tests html5test.o.o not reachable from SUT Closed
49454 openQA Tests [functional][u][tumbleweed] openQA-bootstrap: missing perl-YAML-tiny Resolved dheidler
49409 openQA Tests [functional][y] test fails in yast2_firewall Rejected riafarov
49406 openQA Tests [opensuse][kde] kontact test fails in kde-sddm scenario Resolved favogt
48911 openQA Tests [opensuse] test fails in selinux_setup Resolved dimstar
48899 openQA Tests [opensuse] kdelive/upgrade: does not handle package notifications Resolved okurz Related to #63346
47936 openQA Tests [migration] test fails in setup_zdup Rejected tinawang123
47930 openQA Tests test fails in zbar - no permission to write to /dev/ttyS0 Rejected okurz Is duplicate of #47123
46244 openQA Tests [functional][u][y] test configuraiton: yast2_control_center expects to be on X console Resolved dheidler
46196 openQA Tests [functional][u][tumbleweed] test fails in consoletest_finish: not able to login to user-console Rejected mgriessmeier
45920 openQA Tests [sle][security] aa_enforce: apparmor 2.13.2 introduced nscd as profile name Rejected llzhao
44693 openQA Project Caching issue on new snapshots synced to o3 - no cache minion workers available Resolved okurz Related to #44105
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